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Gender: Male
Villain Type: Shittenou
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Dark Kingdom
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Yoshito Endo

Zoisite is one of the Shittenou in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Zoisite was the third Shitennou to appear. Zoisite seemed to prefer attacking through his music from his piano rather than confronting the Senshi directly. Unlike Nephrite & Jadeite, Zoisite works by his own method rather than what Beryl commands. Zoisite's original orders were to kill the Princess. He had an early attempt on the hidden Moon Princess' life through his composition, "Requiem for a Princess." He would often play commonly recognized compositions including Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu," & Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." He was often the most intelligent & skillful of the Shitennou, such as when he assisted Jadeite with his first mind-fight though the process seriously injured the younger king & set him dormant for a time. Early in the series, he encountered with Tuxedo Mask & started to remember him from his past life as his master, Endymion. He became confused as to what do. Beryl re-brainwashed him, & he was temporarily taken out by a blast from Venus after a failed assassination attempt. He reverted to a zoisite stone. Like Jadeite, he was revived later in the series after Queen Metalia began to awaken & grow stronger. Having recovered many memories of the Silver Millennium, through his music, in a kind of astral projection, to reach out to Endymion, reborn as Mamoru.

He had made it his mission to coerce Mamoru & the Shitennou to remember their own. Unfortunately the results weren't entirely good, resulting in Kunzite developing an all consuming need for revenge against Endymion. Kunzite confronted Zoisite about his efforts to revive the memories of Endymion. Kunzite threatened him, preferring Mamoru to remain ignorant, making Kunzite's plans for revenge against his former master that much easier. Zoisite shrugged off Kunzite's threats & continued as he had, often enduring punishments from Queen Beryl to whom he held no loyalty. He attempted to reawaken Nephrite's past memories, but Queen Beryl's hold proved too strong. During the course of all these events, Zoisite would appear to Mamoru & it was his counsel that convinced Mamoru to accept his past life as Endymion & fight for the well-being of the planet again. Zoisite took it upon himself to protect his Master from Beryl, Mio, the other Shitennou, & Princess Serenity.

Unfortunately, Master Endymion never listened to the advice of his now most loyal Shitennou, & Zoisite was forced to make a bad decision that ended in disaster. Having been one of the first to understand the tragedy that happened, he desperately tried to keep the Prince & Princess separate, even developing a brief alliance with Sailor Venus. He gave her a magic music box that would purge her memories of Mamoru, as long as she would protect Endymion, since Beryl had a hold on him & Mamoru. She ignores Zoisite's demands that she help Endymion & at the end, shatters the music box. When Mamoru was brought to the Dark Kingdom & Zoisite continued to defend him against both Queen Beryl & Kunzite. Because of a stone implanted in Mamoru's body by Queen Beryl, he would fall gravely ill & his lifespan would shorten every time he thought of Usagi. Zoisite offered to trade his life for Mamoru's & Queen Beryl rejected. However, she suggested that she would perhaps accept the life of the Princess instead. Zoicite then sent his youma to kill Usagi. He would have succeeded had the words of Mamoru not swayed him. His master explained that he had remained captive in the Dark Kingdom for the sake of the Shitennou & to keep the planet safe & were their places exchanged, would Zoisite not have done the same. In the end Zoisite died, protecting Sailor Moon from the Metalia-possessed youma while the other Sailor Senshi were occupied with his own youma. With his dying breath, he reached out to his master & his fellow Shitennou again with his music before his piano finally fell silent & he died. However, Zoisite's noble spirit lived on & helped in reviving Endymion in the final act. Years later with the return of Mio, the Shitennou served their master & they later attend the wedding of Mamoru & Usagi. In Act Zero, he was Shirai, an anemic police officer, who harkened a lot of Zoisite's quirks.


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