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This article is about a/an Hero in Legend Hero Samgugjeon.
Legend Hero Yu Ji
Zhang Lu
Gender: Male
Show: Legend Hero Samgugjeon
Color: Gold
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 14: The Choice of Bat
Last Full Appearance: Episode 16: Feather Hypnotist, Elders (And)
Number of Episode Appearances: 3
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Actor: Noseoyong
Legend Hero Yu Ji
"I, the Zhang Lu will make a world without hypocrisy! (나, 장로가 위선없는 세상을 만들 것이다!)"
―Zhang Lu[src]

Zhang Lu, also known as Legend Hero Yu Ji, is one of the many Legend Heroes that appear in Legend Hero Samgugjeon.

Character HistoryEdit

Zhang Lu is one of the many humans who bears the name of a legend before the events of the series, giving him the power to become Legend Hero Yu Ji, at some point he became a fortune teller, using his power to unleash the hatred from within humans, while believing the world is full of lies, he first using his hero abilities on Tao Qian while he was in decision of stealing money from a safe, which Zhang Lu first appears and ask the young man if he wants to get money, could fill that desire for him, Zhang use his abilities to force Tao Qian to become corrupted under his inner desire to steal money, when Liu Bei first discovered a strange feather popped out behind Tao Qian's head after Cao Cao defeated him and destroy his Changer.Which would start Zhang's plan.

Personality Edit

Zhang Lu is a mischevious, determined man, seeing the world in his view, full of lies, has a strong belief of humans hiding their true selves and their inner hatred, stating that Zhang at one point in his life everyone he met betrayed him, thus not convinced when Liu Bei falsely stated that he wanted his sights back and explaining to him that somebody does actually care and love him, which Zhang soon calls Liu Bei's words as hypocrisy and pretense, and that all he ever wanted was to live in a truthful world where no one lies, as such the only person he ever believed was himself, refusing any kind of help or assistance from anyone, even his Hero Piece, Yu Ji, even goes so far as to hypnotized many people all whom he believed to be liars themselves, to fight against one another, at the end after Liu Bei defeated him in the final battle, and Cao Cao destroying his Changer, thus he finally realized the errors of his ways of believing he had seen it all, but there are more things he never did see, knowing Liu was probably right, and his dream ending as he about to lose his memories, Zhang decided to entrust Yu Ji to Liu Bei, but the Hero Piece despite his owner has never cared much about him, refused and stated that he will never leave Zhang while turning into stone, with Zhang Lu himself, after losing his memories was finally be at peace when a small group of children helping the blind old man walk across the park's stairs.


Legend Hero Yu Ji

Legend Hero Yu Ji

"Legend Hero Yu Ji! I will guide you."
―Transformation Announcement[src]


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