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Gender: Male
Show: France Five
Color: Black/Silver
First Appearance: Is Paris Burning? The Menace Is Named Zakaral
Last Full Appearance: This Time, It's the End. Antoine faces his Destiny !
Number of Episode Appearances: 3
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Zakaral is the son of Glou Man Chou and the penultimate villain of France Five.

Character HistoryEdit

The most feared warrior in the Lexos empire, Zakaral was summoned to Earth after the continued failures of Warduke and Extasy. He launched a coordinated attack, firing multiple hidden cannons at the Eiffel Tower to destroy it and thus the barrier it generated around Earth.

Following the success of his plan, and the full-scale invasion of Earth it allowed Lexos to carry out, Zakaral was able to capture Professor Brugonde and use him as bait to lure France Five into a trap. While Lexos's other generals battled and overwhelmed the rest of France Five, Zakaral tormented Red Fromage and seemingly killed him after a battle atop a skyscraper.

However, after spiritual encouragement, Red Fromage was able to rise and attacked Zakaral once more, carrying them both over the side of the building. Red Fromage was picked up by the Jet Charlemagne, but Zakaral fell to his death.

When France Five confronted Glou Man Chou himself, the alien conqueror revealed he didn't mourn his son's demise, seeing Zakaral as unworthy because of his failure. He offered Red Fromage the chance to take Zakaral's place, causing Red Fromage to briefly see himself in Zakaral's garb, but Red refused, striking the simulacrum down with his sword.


Zakaral was a thoroughly despicable villain who delighted in the chaos he created. While tormenting Red Fromage he went so far as to describe himself as an artist of death.



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  • A character named Zakaral and wearing his iconic helmet later appeared in the Might and Magic series.