This article is about a/an song in Warrior of Love: Rainbowman.
Yuke! Rainbowman
Song Type: opening
Performed by: Yu Mizushima
Lyrics by: Kawauchi Kohan
Composed by: Jun Kitahara
Rights currently with: Nippon Columbia
Year produced: 1972
Production Order

Yuke! Rainbowman is an opening theme (OP) for Rainbowman. It was performed by Yu Mizushima.

  • Lyrics = Kawauchi Kohan
  • Composer = Jun Kitahara
  • Arranger = Jun Kitahara, (Cover Version: Michitoshi Hirose)
  • Singer = Yu Mizushima, (Cover Version: Kishou Taniyama)

Romanized LyricsEdit

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Rainbow Seven
Indo no yamaoku de shugyou wo shite
Daibadatta no tamashii yadoshi
Sora ni kaketaru niji no yume
Imasara go e wa hikenai zo
Dakara iku no da Rainbowman

Dash One two three
Ningen dare demo mina onaji
Hada ya kotoba no chigai wo nozokya
Minna nakama da sou na no da
Soitsu wo kowasu mono ga aru
Dakara iku no da Rainbowman

Dash four five six
Tatoe kono miga dou narou to
Ai to seigi no meijiru mama ni
Umi mo koeyou doko made mo
Imasara tomete wa dame na no da
Dakara iku no da Rainbowman
Dash Seven

Reinboo Seven.
On the other side of the mountains in India,
A saint, born of saints
Undertakes physical training.
To put ones dreams in the rainbow in the sky,
There is no way I can turn back.
Therefore, I must proceed...Rainbowman.

Dash one, two, three.
All men are created equal,
Skin and language are the only differences.
All people are friends and that is the way it is.
However, there are those who would like to change this
And that is the reason for me...Rainbowman.

Dash four, five, six.
For no matter what becomes of me,
My heart and mind know what is just.
Over the seas and anywhere I am needed, I go.
I can never stop and never turn back.
That is the reason why I continue...Rainbowman.
Dash seven.

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