This article is about a/an song in Warrior of Love: Rainbowman.
Yamato Takeshi no Uta
Song Type: ending
Performed by: Yu Mizushima
Lyrics by: Kawauchi Kohan
Composed by: Jun Kitahara
Rights currently with: Nippon Columbia
Year produced: 1972
Production Order

Yamato Takeshi no Uta is an ending theme (ED) for Rainbowman. It was performed by Yu Mizushima.

  • Lyrics = Kawauchi Kohan
  • Composer = Jun Kitahara
  • Arranger = Jun Kitahara, (Cover Version: Michitoshi Hirose)
  • Singer = Yu Mizushima, (Cover Version: Tomokazu Seki)

Romanized LyricsEdit

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Douse konoyo ni umareta kara nya
Okane mo hoshii sa namo hoshii
Jibun no shiawase mamoritai
Bokudatte ningen da
Bokudatte wakain da
Keredomo sono yume sutesaseru
Konoyo no aku ga sutesaseru

Kata ni seotta juujika no
Shimei no omo sa ni taekanete
Tama ni wa nakeru toki mo aru
Boku datte ningen da
Boku datte wakain da
Koi mo shitai sa asobitai
Wakatte hoshii kono kimochi

After all, if I were born in this world
Why not seek money and reputation
I want to protect my happiness
I'm a human being too
I'm young too
But I'm forced to forget this dream
The evil of this world forces me to forget it

I carry a cross on my back
The importance of this mission is unbearable
I also happen to weep
I'm a human being too
I'm young too
I want to love, I want to have fun
I'd like you to understand my feelings.

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