Zenon is a powerful humanoid robot created when Vitor, Tracto, and Borr combine. It's fists can be fired as missiles, as in the battle against Kord, which it almost singlehandedly defeated on its own.

Attack VehiclesEdit

  • Borr: An orange and black tank with twin drills that can fly or burrow underground; its driver is Sydney. Once it was piloted by Amp, who had problems driving it. Also, a famous basketball player—Charles "High Jump" Johnson—was dragged along to fight a Mega Virus Monster as a temporary driver for Borr when the band used the vehicles to escape the locked high school (in the episode "Syber-Dunk"). Borr forms Synchro's gauntlets and shoulder armor; and Zenon's torso and upper legs.
  • Tracto: A blue mini tank with lasers; its driver is Tanker. Tracto forms Synchro's boots and Zenon's legs.
  • Vitor: A red fighter jet armed with lasers, missiles and a rig to restrain monsters; its pilot is Amp (and later by Lucky). On one occasion it was piloted by Sydney, who had trouble flying it. Vitor forms Synchro's helmet and body armor; and Zenon's head, arms, and chest.

In an odd occurrence, Zenon fought Servo in Episode 10.

When it combines with Servo to form the upgrade, Synchro, which is armed with a pair of shoulder drill missiles. The scene of Synchro using the drill missiles against the Skeleton mega-virus has also been shown in the introduction credits of the TV show and when advertising the full-sized Zenon toy set.


  • Zenon seems to bear a slight resemblance to Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise.