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"I am Xavitan!"
―Xavitan's roll call[src]

―Transformation announcement of Bibyun[src]

"Chojin Bibyun"
―Chojin Bibyun's roll call[src]
Takeshi Nagumo/Kei Tsukimura
Gender: Male
Show: Akumaizer 3
Chojin Bibyun
Color: Red
First Appearance: Why? Xavitan's Rebellion
Last Full Appearance: Showdown in the Ghost Castle!! Goodbye Choujins!
Number of Episode Appearances:
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Actor: Makio Inoue- Xavitan (voice)

So Takizawa- Takeshi Nagumo
Shigeru Araki-Bibyun (voice) & Kei Tsukimura
Misao Haruta (Bibyun's suit actor)

Chojin Bibyun - Hero 1 Civilian

Xavitan (ザビタン Zabitan) is one of the main protagonist in the 1975 series Akumaizer 3. After his death, Xavitan was reincarnated into Bibyun (ビビューン Bibyūn) in the continuing series Choujin Bibyun.

Character HistoryEdit

A fencer who is actually the son of a Akuma male & a human female. As a result, Xavitan leaves the Akuma Clan to defend the humans from them. Other using his Xarad Blade, Xavitan can use his Xavitan Nova shoulder cannons. Originally posing as Ippei Shima, he later assumes the form of Takeshi Nagumo & works under him.


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  • Xarad Blade
  • Xavitan Nova


  • Jean Kell Cross: Zarado, Irado, was allowed to cross the three of Jankel of Garrard, to raise the bid as "Roar Jankel! We Akumaizer 3 !!". By doing this, it is possible to raise the respective forces tripled.
  • Magic attack: Deathblow of the most frequently used the main. To form a scaffold formed a Evil and Gabura arms in the shout of "arm cross!", Which was available Zabitan attacks in the "hop! Step! Jump!" Dive Zarado to the enemy in the triple jump to shout. Although not pierce the enemy initially began to beat in the handle (Mamorukobushi) after. There are many irregular technique, is sandwiched between the crotch of the neck of the enemy without using Zarado, there were many also fling story is rotated.
  • Magic drill attack: One of the anomalous skills of magic attack, Zabitan me to attack while rotating as drill. Is used in Gorgon war, was defeated by attacking the right hand of the snake is a weakness. Magic attack drill missile: One of the anomalies skills of magic attack. It gave the damage to Kirinda called Demon ability number 1. Magic attack
  • Dream Attack: One of the anomalies skills of magic attack. It defeated Gamada. Three Kick: Toward a single goal, deathblow to impress the three kick. Once it defeated Mezarodo, but had been resurrected by the reproduction capability of the Mezarodo.
  • New Light Attack: In order to defeat the Mezarodo, enhanced version of the taught from peace party four people Shu magic attack. To the limit when used to exhausting. The jump up was Evil and Gabura becomes side-by-side with his arms folded to form a scaffold, using it Zabitan beat the enemy with dive Zarado to the enemy. We have been sealed in containment to rock the Mezarodo, the Gebel with immortal shield and had been repelled. Akumaiza attack: I was wearing at the end of intensive training in the last story, the final deathblow of desperate. And formed a formation Hexagram draw a, aligned three people put a suicide. If used, the death of their own regardless of its fulfillment. Although defeated Geber defeated the immortal shield, were they also death from explosion as the price.

Bibyun Choujin


  • Sky Sword

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