Twins Knight (ツインズナイト Tuinsu Naito?, 25): A tag team pair of shape-shifting brothers sent to kill the Justirisers after Demon Knight hadn't contacted Hades for a long time.

The older Golden Brother uses the Brother Axe on his right arm and the younger Silver Brother uses the Brother Hammer on his left. Though the twins overpowered the Justirisers in the initial fight, an argument over which brother should have the final blow left them open to an attack. After Bachuss saves them, the Twins Knight brothers were ordered to discard their brotherly bonds to resume their attack on Gant as Glen and Kageri arrive to offer back up as the Twins Knight brothers Cross Change into their combined true form, able to execute their Double Spin Break. But Mio's interference allow Glen to awaken as Justiriser Shirogane, who offers Twins Knight a chance to walk away after displaying his power. However, the Death Commander faked admitting defeat and was easily killed when he attempted to kill Shirogane with his back turned.