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TransformWarrior Along
Transform Warrior Along
Number 1
Number of episodes: 15
First episode:
Original airing: 2006

Transform Warrior Along (变身战士阿龙), also known as Bianshen Zhanshi Along, is a Chinese tokusatsu series.


The story is about a teenager with a magical destiny, in order to save the planet, save the village folks, rescued his biological mother, with the help of partners, and bravely take on difficult challenges.


Transform Warrior Along A Long (变身战士阿龙 - 阿龙) - A brave boy. Played by Wang Yachao (汪亚朝).


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  • The Nether World
    • Hades

Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • Vajra Rings (金刚圈) - Along's transformation gears
  • The Pegasus (飞马) - Along's motorcycle
  • Galaxy Rod (银河终结棍) - Along's weapon



  • This is China's first installment of their own Kamen Rider-like series.
  • Transform Warrior Along is the first and only tokusatsu which banned in mainland China because of this series was classified as an animation production for tax evasion by the company. With this lawsuits, the following Chinese tokusatsu productions such as Golden Hero, Balala the Fairies and Armor Hero classified themselves as a live-action TV drama to avoid the case.

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