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TransformWarrior Along
Transform Warrior Along
Number 1
Number of episodes: 15
First episode:
Original airing: 2006

Transform Warrior Along (变身战士阿龙), also known as Bianshen Zhanshi Along, is a Chinese tokusatsu series.


The story is about a teenager with a magical destiny, in order to save the planet, save the village folks, rescued his biological mother, with the help of partners, and bravely take on difficult challenges.


Transform Warrior Along A Long (变身战士阿龙 - 阿龙) - A brave boy. Played by Wang Yachao (汪亚朝).


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  • The Nether World
    • Hades

Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • Vajra Rings (金刚圈) - Along's transformation gears
  • The Pegasus (飞马) - Along's motorcycle
  • Galaxy Rod (银河终结棍) - Along's weapon



  • This is China's first installment of their own Kamen Rider-like series.
  • The Chinese government banned this tokusatsu series from TV, but did not limit the issuance of DVD.

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