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Toei Hero World Namco Action Museum


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Starting on December 2013, the public (specifically, for those who live in Japan) gained access to the world's first museum dedicated to expose a vast collection containing the story of tokusatsu heroes, "TOEI HERO WORLD". The museum aims to cater to fans of different ages.

In partnership with Namco, TOEI put a "hands on" and thought of a museum facing the entertainment that brings together elements of creative art linked to the TOEI Tokusatsu Heroes, as well as the movies in one place! "TOEI HERO WORLD: NAMCO MUSEUM ACTION" was created so they could be immortalized and thus, always remembered by several generations.

Opened in December 2013, it was located at the 3rd floor of Aeon Shopping Makuhari New City in Mihama, Chiba City. Various facilities are available for the enjoyment of the entire family. This includes the museum that will showcase all kinds of materials from various tokusatsu works, such as uniforms, clothing and props, as well as a space to offer various related products, such as beverages, food, paraphernalia, among many things. [1]

It closed on January 15, 2017, as its business term expired.[2]

Hero World CafeEdit

Aside from rides and various Toei tokusatsu exhibits, the Toei Hero World Museum is also offering Kamen Rider-themed steam buns! These buns are sold in the Hero World Cafe comes in four varieties: Kamen Rider 1Icon-crosswiki (meat bun), RidermanIcon-crosswiki (meat bun), Shocker CombatantIcon-crosswiki (curry bun) and Gaim Orange ArmsIcon-crosswiki (orange chocolate cake). The cafe is also offering Gaburin Churros in five different flavors, which is based on KyoryugerIcon-crosswiki and Kamen Rider GaimIcon-crosswiki orange smoothies and caramel popcorn. [3]