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This Time, It's the End. Antoine faces his Destiny!
France Five, Episode 6
Air date April 12, 2013
Episode Guide
Goodbye France Five! The glory of day has arrived!

"This Time, It's the End. Antoine Faces His Destiny!" is the sixth and final episode of France Five.


France Five are able to defeat Lexos's generals thanks to a new power-up, and then battle Glou Man Chou himself for the fate of their planet.


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  • When Wargarine blows a hole through Succulard's chest, the chain hanging from his shoulders is still intact.


  • The pool that opens to reveal the France Robot looks very similar to the one that concealed Mazinger Z's hangar.
  • When Professor Burgonde activates the combination between the France Robot and Machine Chanteclerc, he does so with the password "alea jacta est." The phrase, in Latin, means, "the die is cast." It was a common catchphrase in the French comic series Asterix the Gaul.
  • When the mecha combine Red Fromage's seat is shown descending a tunnel into a new position and rotating repeatedly in the process. It looks very similar to the activation of the anime robot Grendizer, which was popular in France under the name Goldorak.
  • Antoine and Sophie are married at Notre Dame Cathedral.


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