This article is about a/an ranger in France Five.
Thierry Durand
Black Beaujolais
Thierry Durand
Gender: Male
Show: France Five
Color: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: ?
Last Full Appearance: ?
Number of Episode Appearances: n/a
Full list of appearances
Actor: Grégory Goldberg
Black Beaujolais
Black Beaujolais

"Black, Beaujolais!"

Thierry Durand is the Black Ranger of France Five.

Son of a rich wine maker of the Beaujolais region, he has nevertheless rejected the family heritage, preferring a rebel life on the roads of France.

Always staying in the back, he hides his feelings and often clashes with authority. Although he respects Red, he will never show him that and will always attempt alone what is only feasible as a group.


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Black BeaujolaisEdit


Wrist Changer (not official name)

Double Beaujolames

  • A pair of fighting knives.


  • A rapier. Used alongside Blue Accordion and Yellow Bagguete in a group dash attack.

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