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The Super Inframan
A movie for orginal
The Super Inframan Poster
Release date 1975
Written by Ni Kuang
Directed by Hua Shan

The Super Inframan (中國超人) is a 1975 Hong Kong tokusatsu movie produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio.


In 2015, Demon Princess Elzebub awakens from 10 million years of dormancy and plots to conquer the Earth. She destroys a few major cities in China to prove her power to a terror-stricken humanity. Returning to her lair in Inner-Earth, she awakens her army of Skeleton Ghosts and various ferocious mutant humanoids to wreak havoc on the surface.

But there is hope at the high-tech Science Headquarters, run by Professor Liu Ying-de. He has at long last completed and is prepared to use the BDX Project: In the HQ's secret laboratory, he transforms Lei Ma, a high-ranking SH officer, into the bionic kung fu superhero, Inframan. Able to perform impossible feats, as well as being equipped with death-dealing weapons, the solar-powered red & silver armored Inframan is mankind's only hope against Elzebub and her army of devils.

Once Inframan destroys the princess's various monsters, she decides to steal the professor's blueprints of Inframan in hope of discovering his weakness. Meanwhile, the professor introduces a new weapon to add to Inframan arsenal. Thunderball Fists are gloves capable of destroying any substance known to man as well as covering up Inframan's weakness. The princess decides to coerce the professor. Capturing the professor's daughter, the princess blackmails the professor into creating an Inframan for her. The professor agrees to go to Mount Devil for a meeting. When the professor refuses to make another Inframan, he and his daughter are frozen. Inframan and the science patrol decide to rescue both which leads to the climatic battle between Inframan and Princess Elzebub.


Inframan Lei Ma - The hero. Played by Danny Lee


  • Professor Liu Ying-de (劉英徳) Proprietor of Science Headquarters, and the inventor of the Inframan. Played by Wang Hsieh
  • Liu Mei-mei (美美) The Professor's daughter. Played by Yuan Man-tzu
  • Xiao Hu (小虎) Mei Mei's younger brother. Played by Lu Sheng
  • Lin-lin (琳琳) Mei Mei's little sister. played by Fanny Leung
  • Zhu Qi-quang (朱啓光) The lieutenant of Science Headquarters. played by Kong Yeung
  • Lu Xiao-long (呂小龍) The sergeant of Science Headquarters, and a tough fighter. Played by Bruce Le
  • Zhu Ming (祝明) The awkward member of Science Headquarters, who is captured and turned by Elzebub into an evil spy. Played by Lin Wen-wei


  • Demon Princess Elzebub (冰河魔主) The main villainess, ruler of Inner-Earth. Armed with a whip, and can turn into a winged dragon creature. In the US English dubbed version, she is called Princess Dragon Mom. Played by Terry Lau
  • Witch-Eye (電眼魔女) Elzebub's beautiful-but-deadly servant. Has a horned helmet and eyes on her palms that shoot green beams (hypnotic or destructive). In the US English dubbed version, she is called She-Demon. Played by Dana Shum
  • Skeleton Ghosts (白骨幽靈) Rank and file henchmen of the Glacier Empire. They dress in black and white suits with a skeleton motif and wear horned helmets. They also carry explosive metal spears.

Ice Monsters (冰河怪獸)Edit

  • Fire Dragon (噴火龍) A green humanoid dragon (wearing a horned crown) that shoots fire from his mouth.
  • Spider Monster (蜘蛛怪) A fat red spider creature that shoots web-bombs and acid from its mouth, and grows to giant size.
  • Plant Monster (植物怪) A teal vine-like monster that plants itself into the ground and grows into giant killer vines.
  • Mutant Drill (穿山怪) A horned blue mole-like monster with a drill for a hand and a shovel-like claw for another.
  • Long-Haired Monster (長髮怪) A red witch-like demon with long hair and huge horns that shoot yellow beams.
  • Iron Armor Monsters (鐵甲怪) Two mechanical knight-like monsters, whose heads and right-hands spring forth (with coils) to strike their enemy and retract again.


  • This is China's first installment of their own Kamen Rider, Kikaider & Ultraman-mixture film.
  • The suits in Inframan were made by Cosmo Production, a Japanese company which also made the suits in Toei's Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain and Kamen Rider Super 1Icon-crosswiki.[1]

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