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This article is about a/an biography series in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
The Legend of Armor Hero
Number 05
Number of episodes: 30
First episode:
Original airing: January 15, 2018 - February 11, 2018
3D CG Armorheroes
Armor Hero Captor
Armor Hero Hunter

The Legend of Armor Hero (铠甲勇士铠传) the fifth series is a biography series that similar to Ultraman Retsuden. It use clips from past series and use 3-D animation between the gap to introduce every single heroes.


Armor Hero & Armor Hero: Emperor

Episode 01:Fire and wood attack

Episode 02: Fight now! Black rhinoceros! Earth tiger! Mastiff!

Episode 03: Darkness plot

Episode 04:The light of the person after the light

Episode 05: Wizhao's betrayal

Episode 06: Fight fire Dragon armor

Episode 07: Light emperor armor

Episode 08: Battle Bean Evil Desire

Episode 09: Decouth on the Ancient World of Warcraft

Armor Hero XT

Episode 10:Fire of the Mars Armor

Episode 11: As bad as the wind, not moving like a mountain

Episode 12: Protecting the Earth's energy crystal

Episode 13: Kula appeared

Episode 14:Geng 伮金刚杵

Episode 15: battle Shura Armor

Armor Hero Lava & Armor Hero: Atlas

Episode 16: Attack! Yanzhi Lava

Episode 17: Tsunami, hurricane, extreme strength

Episode 18: King of Oxter

Episode 19: Qingshan infection

Episode 20: Desperate Ke Sheng

Episode 21: decisive battle! Oxe

Episode 22: Thunder Altras

Episode 23: Eliminate the violent worm

Armor Hero Captor & Armor Hero: Captor King

Episode 24: Captor upgraded! Carbon be stuck

Episode 25: Alloy, Angstorm, Reflect Coming

Episode 26: Eliminate the machine

Episode 27: Mysterious chip

Episode 28: Zhikai's secret

Episode 29 : Armor from the future

Episode 30: Decisive! Battle of God!


  • Spirit of Armor Hero Hunter Stallion from Armor Hero Hunter was appeared in the final episode, makes him the first pre-series debut hero of Armor Hero Series.