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Agent Tetsuya
Tetsuya Terasaki
Gender: Male
Show: Specter
Color: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Specter
Last Full Appearance: N/A
Number of Episode Appearances:
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Actor: Shinji Kasahara
Specter suit

Testsuya Terasaki is the main protagonist of the 2005 tokusatsu film Specter

Character HistoryEdit

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Turbo SuitEdit

The Turbo Suit is the primary tool of a Defender Agent against Invaders. Transmitted from an orbiting satellite controlled by Sato, the Turbo Suit gives its wearer protection from brutal attacks that would otherwise kill an ordinary human and enhances Tetsuya's strength and agility to superhuman levels. The helmet is equipped with a heads up display for weapons targeting and viewing data on Invaders. Its only known flaw is that it needs to be in Sato's transmission range for teleporting weapons or relaying communications to the DOE,as it is shown in the film that places deep underground cause interference with transmissions.


  • Unnamed Motorcycle: A modified bike which has a high performance turbine engine capable of traveling at tremendously fast speeds and rocket boosters built into the exhaust for high jumps.
  • Gloves: Tetsuya has special gloves that have the ability to act as a teleport relay for his weapons, project holographic images such as arrest warrants for violators of The Space Vigilance Act, communicators used to contact Sato or the Captain of the DOE and emit an energy pulse that wipes the memory of any civilian who witnesses an Invader or their crimes by touching their heads.
  • Hyper Magnum: Twin high-caliber handguns that serve as Tetsuya's main weapons.
  • Long Rifle: A sniper rifle with an advanced targeting scope and loaded with special bullets that lock on to an Invaders thermal signature, seeking out the target no matter where it hides.
  • Energy Blades: Unnamed Lightsaber-like blades, Tetsuya can press a switch on the handles of the blades to jettison them as projectiles which detonate within a few seconds upon hitting the target. Useful for midrange or multiple opponent combat or for surprise attacks if the opponent blocks the blade at close range.
  • Mega Launcher: A particle cannon that envelops and draws power from the Turbo Suit and releases a powerful blast of energy at the target. Because it restricts Tetsuya's movement, it is only used as a final option against powerful Invaders.


  • The method in which Tetsuya equips his armor is similar to that of the Space SheriffsIcon-crosswiki.
  • The glove's memory-erasing feature Specter uses is similar to the Neuralyzer from Men in Black.