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Takashi Hino
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Father
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
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Takashi Hino is the father of Rei Hino in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Rei's father, a very high ranked politician. Rei's mother died when Rei was a young child, & her father left her shortly after at the Hikawa shrine with her maternal grandfather, which was Rei's idea. When his wife Risa was dying, he was busy with work, & never came to see her--for which Rei never forgave him. He & Rei have monthly 'lunch dates,' so that he can keep up the appearance of being a loving father to his constituents, but Rei knows the real meaning of the meetings & despises him even more for it. Late in the series, he tries to have Rei move back with him because an election is coming up & he doesn't want to lose face. Rei, however, refuses & spends the night in the Secret Room with Ami, herself having just run away from her mother. Nishizaki is his female secretary & Ishida Shoushi is his personal secretary, both have interacted with Rei. He was never named in past incarinations.


See AlsoEdit

  • Takashi Hino - Takashi in the metaseries Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

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