This article is about a/an theme song in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Super Hero Operation Strategy!
Song Type: ending
Performed by: Ichirou Mizuki and Mitsuko Horie
Production Order

Super Hero Operation Strategy! is an ending theme (ED) for [[]]. It was performed by Ichirou Mizuki and Mitsuko Horie.


Original Japanese lyrics Approximate Translation into English

Seiseisei bar hero Fight!
Seiseisei bar hero Fight!

Ikuze Kakenukero
at that time to become a hero
dream that does not fulfill anyone
you of things is the Victory

Dispatched's warriors of peace
Energy of shining ze makeover victory
Yattekoi devils of hell
kick about in the roar ob burning ze

For tomorrow of this star
would bet even life
super hero it is the fate (determined)
as soon as hear SOS
is the Yuk also far
Super Hero Operations
Is the grab a hot future

Seiseisei bar hero Fight!
Seiseisei bar hero Fight!

Even spilled tears
At that time to become a hero
the world even in the darkness
my friend believe the love

Revive immortal warriors
transformation prevade te force's blitz
invaders beat universe
'Em showed underlying strength of justice

In order to play Peace Bell
Even retardant ya anger so
super hero it is power
Sos delivered feelings
fight case gathered
Super Hero Generations
I pave the way of hope