This article is about a/an evil organization in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
All Super Sentai and All Kamen Riders

The Shocker-Zangyack Alliance faces off against the combined forces of the Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki and Super Sentai teamsIcon-crosswiki.

"You are nothing in the face of the Shocker-Zangyack Alliance!"
Doktor GIcon-crosswiki of Dai-ShockerIcon-crosswiki.[src]

The Shocker-Zangyack Alliance (ショッカーザンギャック連合 Shokkā Zangyakku Rengō?) is the name given to the union between Dai-ShockerIcon-crosswiki and Dai-ZangyackIcon-crosswiki in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

Membership (Dai Shocker-Zangyack)Edit


High Ranking CommandersEdit

Great CommandersEdit

Other CommanderEdit


Kaijin (Kamen Rider)Edit

Monsters (Super Sentai)Edit



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