Shinya Takeda/Jupiter(武田 真也/ジュピター, 'Takeda Shinya/Jupitā)': Found by the Interpol rescue team, Takeda was transferred to the Cybercop division in the hopes of unraveling his secret past. For some reason, Takeda is unable to remember his past memories. While he has a very sunny disposition and is often very fun-loving, he has a considerable temper that can escalate into a “battle rage” when fighting opponents. When this happens, Jupiter is able to summon his own Cyber Arm, theCyber Thunder Arm, through a process called Cyber Boming, which ultimately kills his nemesis, despite its unsure origins. The Jupiter Bit is the most advanced bit in ZAC arsenal and is far more powerful than any of the other Bit Suits. Later, it is revealed that Takeda was brought in to the year 1999 by a time-space portal fend, which opened after the Babylon Tower's explosion in the 23rd century, along with Lucifer and Kageyama. His original codename was "Z226"(ゼット ダブルツー シックス, 'Zetto Daburu Tsu Shikkusu'). His Jupiter Bit Suit, as well as the Cyber Thunder Arm came with him to the past. In the end of the series, he goes back to the 23rd century with Lucifer and Tomoko, who asks to go with them to fight for a better time.

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