Sea Jetter Kaito

Sea Jetter Kaito.

Sea Jetter Kaito (シージェッター海斗Sea Jetter Kaito?) is a local hero, from the city of Ishinomaki, that was made into a movie. [1][2]

Originally a rough sketch created by Shotaro Ishinomori, at that time it was intended to be called Iron Devil Shadol (Tetsu Majin Shadoru)[3]. That was eventually scrapped and remade into Chojin Bashan from Chojin Bibyun. In 2004, Ishinomori Manga Museum decided to make a suit out of the scrapped design, and called it Sea Jetter Kaito. Sea Jetter Kaito became relatively popular and even received a manga. A movie was shown at the Ishinomori Manga Museum, starting on March 23. Featuring familiar cast and staff members.


Voice castEdit


Fight!! Sea Jetter Kaito by Ichiro Mizuki



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