This article is about a/an movie in Satria Garuda BIMA X.
Satria Heroes Bima-X Revenge Of Darkness
A movie for Satria Garuda BIMA X
Revenge Of Darkness
Release date April 2017
Written by Ishimori Pro., Charatex, Kihara Daisuke
Directed by Maihara Kenzo
Order in Continuity
Pertarungan Terakhir menuju Kedamaian

Satria Heroes: Revenge Of Darkness, Bima-X is the first film of the series Satria Heroes. The film is also a sequel of the Bima-X, in this film will show the form of the New Satria after Bima-X.


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  • Reportedly, this film is the story of a link between serial Satria Garuda Bima-X to New Satria Series.
  • In this Movie the supposed death character was bring back to life again, such as Neo Iron Mask / Evil Torga and the Bima Legend. Reza Bramasakti becomes alive to fight as Azazel.
  • Location Filming of the movie is taken in Jakarta, Indonesia and Japan.


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