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Saitou Sugao
Saitou "Shacho" Sugao
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Manager
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: We Got to Meet the Real Minako!
Last Appearance:
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Saitou "Shacho" Sugao is an ally in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Saitou-san is Minako's manager & a good friend of Usagi's mother. He is called Shacho (meaning company head) because he's the president of the 'Saitou Company.' Shacho is very flamboyant & a bit of a busy body. His main concern is to take good care of his most popular talent, Minako. He first appeared in Act 11 when Minako was in the hospital after the car accident caused by Zoisite. Shacho had a few unfortunate encounters with the Dark Kingdom, the worst of which was when was being possessed by a youma. In Act 12, Minako managed to escape him, & with Usagi's help, got safely away from the hospital as he persuaded her for the crystal. When he later encountered the other Senshi, the Youma left him in order to attack the Sailor Senshi. Luckily no permanent was done, & Shacho remained blissfully unaware that his most cherished client is Sailor Venus. Artemis & Luna were not very fond of him, though, as he liked to bestow kisses upon them to show his affection. In Act 39, with his encouragement, Ikuko made an audition video for a position as a housewife reporter. In Act 40, he was also a large part in discovering a new Idol, Mars Reiko, in response to Minako's declaration that she wanted to quit singing. This brought out Minako's competitive nature & encouraged her to keep going. Original to the Series.