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"Inter Grounzel!"
―Transformation announcement of Grounzel[src]
Ryouji Hayami
Ryouji Hayami
Gender: Male
Show: Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Yes!The Robot Brothers
Last Full Appearance: Kyodain well never die forever!
Number of Episode Appearances: 48
Full list of appearances
Actor: [[Takeshi SasakiIcon-crosswiki]]

Grounzel (グランゼル Guranzeru)is the blue car-like younger brother of the Kyodain who was forced to assume the identity of Ryouji Hayami (葉山 竜治 Hayami Ryouji). Grounzel is able to transform into a car-like form known as the Grancar (グランカー Gurankā).


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Grounzel's transformation

  • Attack
    • Per Gran body: Attack per body. The rush or is used while jumping. If you do jointly with Sukaizeru per Kyodain body it is referred to as.
    • Gran Punch: To punch skip one arm, a kind of rocket punch.
    • Grand Vision: Eye as a monitor, and or projected images viewed on the monitor of the base disc, and reproduces the video which is stored in the brain circuitry.
    • Throw Gran Air: Raise faced the enemy over the head, and toss it from rotate. Used in 16 episodes.
    • Gran Roller: Technique used in Dadaroido warfare. The type to blow up the enemy while moving become his stomach (7 episodes), and folded in Nomeshi hit the Dadaroido us, there is a type (8, 11 episodes) to be squashed together the enemy rolls over it. Alias ​​Gran press.
    • Explosives detection capability: Capability is built into the eye. Other of examining the gunpowder reaction of retreat around the Kaido Dr. 4 episodes, it has been detected a time bomb in 13 episodes, head bomb Dadaroido 11 episodes could not be detected.
    • Kyodain Power: Each other hand to fit the grip two forces 1 Kyo (today) dyne to unleash the power of. Usage Many, or torn off the constraint to destroy the wall, and is used for or high fever. Murray large comet that approaches the Earth by the enemy of attraction doubling device, there also be moved away from the earth in control by pouring the power to the device in the same equipment. Each If you use alone is referred to as the "Sky diesel power," "Grand diesel power".
    • Great Punch: Two common techniques. Tekken that feeds it by giant hands. It often was used as decided technique. It is believed to have use in the middle forms of both variants. Only Guranzeru using deformation middle of Guranka had been used initially.
    • Kyodain drill: wo common techniques. Drill from the foot of Sukaizeru is rotated at a high speed out of the wheel of the foot of Guranzeru, dive into the ground. There is also a version that you dive from the head.
    • Kyodain Bamboo Dragonfly: Guranzeru is lifting the Sukaizeru, by which high-speed rotation on the fly, to fly like a bamboo dragonfly. It was also used to escape from the "finish-formation" of the main objectives in the playback death five people crowd escape to the sky. It was applied to this on the ground in a four story scramble power using the technique that, I was scattered kick around the enemy.
    • Kyodain scrum: Two people to rush in partnership the shoulder.
    • Heaven and earth attack: Guranzeru became Sukaizeru and his stomach was dancing in the sky, attacked from above and below at the same time.
    • Lightning attack: It moves fast by two people. It was tossed a Kabuton.
    • Double Kick: It kicks at the same time by two people. Although usually is used to damage, it has been used as a technique decided in Desugatta game.
    • Kyodain Double Kick: We decide to kick jump at the same time with two people. It defeated the cycle man.
    • Kyodain X attack: While cross by two people to attack the enemy to jump. It was tossed the Robonfuddo 1.
    • Kyodain waterwheel turning: Two people each move while turning many times so as to backflip grabbed Dada soldiers, impinging the Dada soldiers each other. Used in 19 episodes.
    • Kyodain pitching power: Guranzeru is fling the Sukaizeru, give someone a punch to Sukaizeru the enemy in its momentum. It defeated the play Phantom us at 37 episodes.
    • Finish of missile form: Sky missile or Gran missile it will blow up the enemy detach the bomb of tail Shi per body (corresponding to the leg before deformation). Disconnecting the bomb just before passing through the enemy. Decided technique at the time of the first half of the machine change against the main.
    • Energy limit generator: Kyodain last trump card. Two people energy of the increase to the limit, but two of the body at the same time would burn out and become apart. Is used in the final story, it was rushed to the goblin in a fireball.




Grounzel transform into Grancar


Grancar combine with the Sky Missile


Groun Missile


Grounzel transform into Groun Missile


Gran Missile combine with the Skyjet.

  • Attack
    • Gran nut char: Sky missile that is attached to the top of the Guranka catapult was up and down, and shake off the enemy that has been stuck.
    • Dada um gasoline injection: It wears wipe the Dadaniumu an ultra fuel to the enemy. It is used in conjunction with "belt missile" of Sukaizeru order to flash. Potency energy consumption is also high so high, but to discharge the Dadaniumu literally activity sources. Used in three episodes.
    • Tire cutter (Grand cutter): We want to use from the tire of the foot by issuing the sawtooth-shaped cutter. You can dig the ground, chain cut off or use a variety.
    • Gran diesel power: The tire of the foot is rotated at a high speed in three episodes, it was off the chain that is binding on the foot. We Furihodoi the constraints wrap the body in 9 episodes.
    • Gran winch: Ability used in the 30 episodes. The wound rescue rope to the axis of the foot of the tire, and by rotating, helped by hoisting each Joji to hold on to the rope.


  • Groun Machine

Groun Machine