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Robot Keiji is a 1973 manga
Robot Keiji Manga
based on the television series of the same name and was written by the show's creator Shotaro Ishinomori and published by Sun Wide Comics.

Differences from the TV SeriesEdit

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K's Gun

K's handgun

Joker (Manga Ver.)

The Joker


  • Much like his mentor Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori would sometimes reuse and modify character models from his previous works.
    • In this case, some characters in the manga resemble characters from Cyborg 009 or Kikaider. (Ex. Shiba is Professor Issac Gilmore with shorter hair and a slightly smaller nose.)
  • K's handgun resembles The Needlenose Raygun from Cyborg 009.
  • The Joker from the TV series is a modified Nissan Fairlady Z, while the manga version loosely resembles a 1970s European sports car with elements of the Fairlady on the front end.

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