This article is about a/an hero in the TV series, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills.
Gender: Male
Show: Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills
Color: Silver
First Appearance: The Universal Hitchhiker
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 16
Full list of appearances
Actor: Kevin Castro

Rick is also known as Galactic Sentinel Orion.

Character HistoryEdit

Rick (a name adopted because his true name sounds "like a wombat gargling razor blades") was a member of a group of Galactic Sentinels assembled by Nimbar on a faraway planet. The rest of his team was killed battling the PredaRaptor, and the death of his teammates and destruction of his planet caused him to become a cynic. He began traveling from planet to planet, sneaking along on teleportations made by other people.

Eventually he arrived on Earth and met its team of Galactic Sentinels, and developed an interest in Drew, who he showed his story. He tried to convince her to join him wandering the universe, but she ultimately decided to stay and help her friends battle the reawakened PredaRaptor. When Laurie was injured and unable to fight, Rick agreed to take her place and become Orion once again. He formed Knightron with Earth's Sentinels and they were able to defeat PredaRaptor by attacking its weak point. Rick returned to his wandering life, but bid Drew goodbye with a kiss and the unspoken assurance that he could be a hero again if the need arose.


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Orion wielded an axe-like weapon that could shoot crescent-shaped energy projectiles.


  • Rick was played by Kevin Castro, who starred in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.
  • Despite being from another planet, Rick and his teammates were given powers based on Earth constellations.