This article is about a/an Knight in BIMA Garuda Knight and Garuda Knight BIMA-X.
Reza Photo
Reza Bramasakti
Gender: Male
Show: BIMA Garuda Knight
Color: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: BIMA Satria Garuda Episode 1
Last Full Appearance: Pertarungan Terakhir menuju Kedamaian
Number of Episode Appearances: 26 (BIMA)
50 (BIMA-X)
1 (Special)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Adhitya Alkatiri
Satria Garuda Azazel New

Reza Bramasakti is Ray's long lost young brother. First known as Mikhail from the Parallel World on the early episode of Bima and soon his identity was revealed by Randy as they shared the same blood type. He is the secondary hero known as Azazel.

Character History Edit

Bima Garuda Knight Edit

Reza (as Mikhail) steals one of Rasputin's Power Stone, the Red Power Stone and is ambushed in Jakarta on Pertamina building, close to Monas. Not for long, Ray rescues him and as he notices the abnormality of Ray after their blood touch each other, he gives the Red Power Stone to Ray, giving him an abillity to become Bima the Garuda Warrior. As times goes, Reza guide Ray how to use the Power Stone and aid him on battle. But not for long, he is kidnapped and brainwashed by Rasputin, becoming an evil Garuda Warrior with the Black Power Stone known as Azazel. At first, the brainwashing is easily broken, thanks to Iron Mask warning against Rasputin in front of him that he is a human, but Rasputin aware of this and strengthen the brainwash. As time goes with Reza and Ray battle, soon Ray able to release Reza from the brainwash at the near end of the climax ending episode. They work together to finish Rasputin's evil ambition afterwards.

Bima X Edit

After months battle with Rasputin, a new threat come to Indonesia. Another attack from Parallel World's new troops and reveal the true main evil enemy, named Black Lord (known as Black Priest at the end of the final episode of Bima). As their first battle with an enemy named Proteus, being empowered with an evil made Power Stone called Power Stone Syntetis, Ray and Reza are defeated easily with the cost of Ray lost both of his Power Stone. Sworn a revenge, Reza heads toward Proteus, but he is defeated again. Ray rescued him from Proteus fatal blow, with the cost of Ray's life. Depressed, Reza cries over his dying brother. However, soon he is glad with his ressurection as the new evolved warrior, Bima X.

Days after defeating Proteus, another enemy appears to errupt the volcano. Reza soon learn in the middle of battle that he is needed to search for the rests Power Stone, After the battle finished, Reza leaves Ray in the search of the rests of the Power Stone. But if emergency happened, he will ignore his mission and saves Ray.

Forms Edit

Reza as Azazel bears the same appearance with Bima, with the exception that his visor is black, has golden feather mask, silver mouthplate, his alphabet is the head of black garuda in the shape of A, his colour is basically full black, red stripes, and his armour is a darkened gray.

In Bima, Reza was hypnotized by Rasputin to fight Bima; so that Bima cannot stop his plan.

03.①-2鎢鐸戰士魔鷹黑暗形態(Satria Vudo Azazel Dark Mode)

He wore a belt with the symbol of Rasputin's foot soliers' face.

Special Abillities:

  • Dimension Shift: Only used in Bima and when he is still Mikhail. He has his own dimension place to stay.

He destroyed the belt after he turned good, the sign that he is no longer with Rasputin. He is able to shoot a dark beam from his palm.

03.①-1迦樓羅戰士魔鷹黑暗形態(Satria Garuda Azazel Dark Mode)

In Bima X, it is revealed that his power is darkness. His finishers are:

  • Taranis Blaster: Taranis in Arrow Mode emit the simillar shoot like Garuda Blaster from Helios.
  • Black Thunder: The simillar attack like Red Fire or Blue Storm of Helios with the black colour.
  • Garuda Crusher: Reza has his own Garuda Crusher, only seen used once alongside Ray as Bima to perform Double Garuda Crusher.

Special Abillities:

  • Dimension Shift: Only used in Bima and when he is still Mikhail. He has his own dimension place to stay.
  • Dark Shoot: As Azazel, Reza able to shoot a dark beam. This attack is commonly used.
  • Dark Meteor: Reza will summon Taranis to gather a huge grip of rocks, imbued with the dark power and send it strike towards the enemies. First used in Bima X.