This article is about a/an Knight in BIMA Garuda Knight and Garuda Knight BIMA-X.
Ray Photo
Ray Bramasakti
Gender: Male
Show: BIMA Garuda Knight
Color: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: BIMA Satria Garuda Episode 1
Last Full Appearance: Pertarungan Terakhir menuju Kedamaian
Number of Episode Appearances: 26 (BIMA)
50 (BIMA-X)
1 (Special)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Christian Loho

Ray Bramasakti is one of the main characters and the main protagonist as well as the titular character of the Indonesian Tokusatsu, BIMA Garuda Knight. He is portrayed by Christian Loho.

Character HistoryEdit

Bima Garuda KnightEdit

After his parents' death, Ray Bramasakti lived with Randy Bramasakti's family. He later works as a technician at their motorcycle workshop. Ray has been a kind person since he was a little kid.

One day, Ray was given the red power stone from a mysterious man named Mikhail (later known as Reza, his long-lost brother) to stop Rasputin and VUDO's evil plan to take over Earth. Ray has the power to transform into Bima Garuda Knight since then. Randy's family, who had become Ray's foster family, become involved in his fight against Rasputin and VUDO.

Bima XEdit

Months after Rasputin's death. The true evil boss finally makes his move. Ray and Reza surprise to learn that Rasputin is only the traitor of Parallel World who want to take over the Parallel World and Earth for himself. Ray is defeated badly until his Red Power Stone destroyed and his Blue Power Stone is flee in his battle against Proteus. Soon, Reza taking revenge on Proteus, but defeated badly. Ray rescued Reza from the fatal blow, but he instead take the fatal blow instead. Death and going to the afterworld, he refuses to accept his death as he knows that Earth still need him. Fighting furiously against the afterworld power with his guts, Ray soon granted the Evolved Red Power Stone and revived. Becoming the new Bima X.


Ray is a very kind person and willingly to help people in need. He cares a lot for his family, shown when Randi and Rena were once traped by Rasputin's general soldier. And trying hard to save the brainwashed Reza who now formerly his nemesis and also his younger brother. After receiving the Power Stone Merah, Ray at first only to much depending on his own strength, showing that he is still to green for using his Power Stones, and also caused him almost give up when fighting Karax until being told by Noir, the Bima Legend.


01.①迦樓羅戰士神鷹(Satria Garuda Bima)

Bima Garuda Knight

The Power Stone Merah can transform Ray into Bima, the Garuda Knight which has the power of the Garuda agility, focus, and strength; wielding the red-blue garuda saber Helios (Sun) which can transform into the Helios Blaster bow. This form main finisher is Garuda Crusher. And the others are Blue Storm (for releashing the entrapped prisoner within Rasputin's soldier), Red Fire, Bima Blaster, and Garuda Strike. By obtaining Blue Power Stone, Bima able to perform Blue Thunder Storm finisher.


01.②迦樓羅戰士神鷹-神明太陽神刃(Satria Garuda Bima God Helios)

Bima God Helios Mode

By combining the Red and Blue Power Stones, Bima is able to evolve Helios into God Helios. It combines itself with Bima afterward. This forms finisher is Helios Judgement. Arsenal:

  • Power Stone
  • God Helios - BIMA's armor for this form.
  • Garuda Claw - Obtained after defeating Iron Mask by stealing his Blue Power Stone.

First Appearance: Bima Season 1 Episode: 21/22

02.①迦樓羅戰士神鷹X烈焰形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Flame Mode)

Bima X Flame Mode

Bima X's main form and the evolution of Bima's original form. It uses the power of the Flame Power Stone Merah and a martial arts based fighting style. This form main finishers are Flaming Slash, Red Fire, and Garuda Inferno. This form is first debuted on Bima X episode 0: Prolouge.


  • Bima X changer
  • Evolved Red Power Stone.
  • Helios Red (Sword Mode) - Bima X's personal weapon.

First Appearance: Bima Season 2 Episode: The Beginning

02.②迦樓羅戰士神鷹X暴風形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Storm Mode)

Bima X Storm Mode Pose

Storm Mode is Bima X's wind powered blue form. It uses the Power Stone of Air and utilizes an archery style of combat in this form. At first, this power stone is originally Iron Mask's and obtained by Bima. Fleed when Proteus assaulted him and found back by Reza. Reza gave this Power Stone to Rey and the Power Stone is evolved in simillar shape of Evolved Red Power Stone. This form gains Bima X flying abillity, better speed and crushing power, but at the cost of his defense. This form finishers are Tornado Crusher and Garuda Hurricane Blaster. This form is first debuted on Bima X episode 4.


  • Bima X changer
  • Evolved Blue Power Stone.
  • Helios Blue (Archer Mode) - Bima X's personal weapon.

First Appearance: Bima Season 2 Episode: 4

02.③迦樓羅戰士神鷹X大地形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Earth Mode)

Bima X Earth Mode

Obtained from Rina's best friend. Earth Mode is Bima X's green earth powered form. It uses the Power Stone of Earth and has an Ax as its main weapon. This form gains Bima X an overwhelming power, able to strike a weak opponent only with one punch. As of his weight will make him shakening earth while walking. With this form, Helios become a heavy weapon, which even powerful Draconar unable to lift it. This form will cost Bima its speed. It's finisher is Garuda Ground Breaker. This form is first debuted on Bima X episode 14.


  • Bima X changer
  • Evolved Green Power Stone.
  • Helios Green (Axe Mode) - Bima X's personal weapon.

First Appearance: Bima Season 2 Episode: 14

02.④迦樓羅戰士神鷹X磁力形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Magnetic Mode)

Bima X Magnetic Mode

Magnetic Mode is Bima X's purple electricity powered form. It uses the Stone of Lightning and wields a magnetic rail gun as its main weapon.


  • Bima X changer
  • Evolved Purple Power Stone.
  • Helios Purple (Railgun Mode) - Bima X's personal weapon.

First Appearance: Bima Season 2 Episode: 24/25

02.⑤-2迦樓羅戰士神鷹X黑暗形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Dark Mode)
02.⑤-2迦樓羅戰士神鷹X究極黑暗形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Ultimate Dark Mode)

Accessed by using Azazel's Dark Powerstone

First Appearance: Bima Season 2 Episode: 24/25

02.⑥迦樓羅戰士神鷹X黃金烈焰形態(Satria Garuda Bima-X Golden Flame Mode)

Bima X Golden Flame Mode


  • Christian Loho act as both Ray and the suit actor of Garuda Knight Bima