Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of graphic violenc. Viewer discretion is advised!
This article is about a/an Episode in Satria Garuda BIMA X.
Pertarungan Terakhir menuju Kedamaian
Satria Garuda BIMA X, Episode 50
Bima-X Final
Air date August 23, 2015
Written by Junko Kōmura
Directed by Hideki Oka, Ahmad Nurudin
Episode Guide
Pertarungan Final Melawan Black Lord

Pertarungan Terakhir menuju Kedamaian (Last fight to Peace) is the final episode of Garuda Knight Bima-X.


Black Lord increasingly dominate the earth and destroy it. Peoples are getting scared to face what happened induced Black Lord.

Bima-X is fighting with Lord Black by replacing its Power Stone many times. Bima X injured and nearly wiped out by the Black Lord, then came Azazel and their parents to help Bima X.

Black Lord caught Bima-X and Azazel. Finally, Torga appears to save them and unite against the Black Lord.

Azazel saw an opening to defeat the Black Lord and pierced body parts the GCC is the weakness of Black Lord. Bima X and Torga worried something would happen to Azazel. On the other hand, fell from a height Rena time to help a child.


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  • In this episode, Reza body was possessed by the power of the Black Lord.
  • And in this episode Reza was killed by Black Lord
    • BIMA-X gets the Special Mode: Dark Mode of Power Stone Black-owned Reza that lend strength to Bima
    • BIMA-X destroys Black Lord, causing the Project Re-Vudo to be finally stopped and destroyed for good.
    • The earth is safe.
  • At the end of the scene Ray, Ray Mother, Ray Father, and Rena went to Parallel world.


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