Osamu Saiyonji/Mercury(西園寺 治/マーキュリー, 'Saionji Osamu/Mākyurii)': Sayionji’s is the resident hand-to-hand combat specialist. His brother was also a cop, as Osamu always wanted to follow his steps. However, his brother was killed in action while investigating a case. From that point on, Osamu's mother tried to preserve him from the danger and risks of being a cop. Despite his moments of conflict, Osamu is very brave and has a great fighting spirit. His armor is the most lightweight of the armors and affords him extreme flexibility in movement and speed albeit at the cost of defense and protection. His unit is the fastest of the “Cyber Bit” armors and he can travel at incredible speeds (his unit is equipped with air brakes which aid him in stopping). Mercury also has access to the “Linear Speeder” skates which enables him to traverse at speeds of up to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h). The skates can be controlled via brainwave controls in the Bit Suit helmet.

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