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The series' protagonist and main hero, Ken was born at the Ivy Planet and eventually graduated with a degree in Sociology. Upon arriving on Earth, his primary objective is studying human behavior and mannerisms in order to obtain his doctoral degree. However, upon meeting Maki and learn about Tentacle, he decides to stay longer in order to protect her and the children from Professor K's plans.


Machineman alien who came from Ivy star, Nick Takase that Nick is a hero to transform been Ikushido converted in a dedicated machine Dolphin. It is not necessarily can not transform that there is no power of Dolphin.

Since Maki liked the name "Machine Man" which was named, thereafter, claiming so. Therefore, it is not claiming the machine man in the first episode. Is right-handed, and to special training when it is injured his right hand in Episode 17, it became proficient weapons in the left hand.


  • Warrior Suit: Warrior Suit he is wearing, further enhance the high capability of the Ivy alien. It is possible to run at a speed of per hour 80km, birth mighty jumping ability, the 60-story building is Hitottobi, also to withstand bullets. Cloak and wearing a but, when it's one of the battle was the way of the action you are removing the cloak. Episode 5 after the bank scene for accommodating the mantle is added.

On setting according to your postcard corner Episode 23, described as to expand the mantle in order to absorb energy from the air when you you can keep the balance when it is large jumps, requiring a large energy is made. In explanation of this when Warrior suit has been a "convert suit".

Mask because it has exposed the lower part of the mouth, also look in turn emotion is conveyed well to the audience, which is a feature of this work. Therefore, there are many scenes Sakuta of Ken officer played a machine man is actually entered into the suit.


  • Warp Throttle: Equipment to summon the Dolphin. Combat is deformed to throttle cancer and throw in the sky. Throttle cancer not only attack for beam, tow beam and, dissolved foam (used in Episode 11. "Type Zero!" And shouting fire), etc. can also be fired. Is not thrown into the sky when you launch an emergency, it appears to be accompanied by a hand in the box to the belt of the right hip. After ago and used, there may be performed Gansupin.
  • Laser Saber: Slender sword machine man to love. Fencing is similar to the sword, but the cutting direction (edge ​​directions) made up can be confirmed. In addition to putting the sword, sometimes hit someone the enemy in the handle of the knuckle guard. Create a wall or covering the subject in defense curtain is also a Harimeguraseru function "Machine Barrier". For human beings (villain, etc.), it is possible to stun it with the sword to the "M" shape. And let clothe the light on blade, and let out a deathblow machine Thunder.
  • Machine Thunder: Expand the cloak to collect the blitz in laser saber, the deathblow to split cut the enemy. When you shoot a machine Thunder eyes of machine man shines. Early It was Tachisuji, such as by multiplying the "乂 and one", the eighth episode later put to the sword in the "Z" shape. The formidable enemy may be used in succession two.
  • Catharsis Wave: Emitted from the palm, the light rays change the human bad heart good. Tentacle or villain that was complicit in Octopus strategy in saber used after it was faint it with sword in a figure of "M", the opponent fallen Standing pulled up to the light beam when receiving a catharsis wave, the machine Man of finger patching awake, the allude to surrender to vigorously reflect on wrongdoing police has become a pattern. Also, back to the real face those who stiffness surface (villain makeup). However, sometimes the villain that I thought to be inexcusable sincerely do not dare use, the karate three people Shu and Kaito black cat Hong Kong, was passed to the police without the catharsis wave to defeat in Ikushido punch.

In later years, machine man = had played a Ken Takase Sakuta Osamu in an interview article, "to children who had seen the machine Man, I hope have not forget forever the ability of machine man called catharsis wave" with has left a comment.

  • Fighting Ball: Machineman is shouting "Fighting ball!", Threw a ball boy to the enemy, attack to be per body.
  • Ikushido Punch: And piled up both hands while jumping, energy light bullets to shoot in pose, such as skip the shuriken. Punched opponent or its surroundings will explode. When used for human, thereby suppressing the power to an extent not die.
  • Searchlight Beam: Clairvoyant. Sometimes referred to as "see-through".
  • Double Bomber: And fly around the perimeter of the enemy, shoot at the same time a punch and kick the enemy. I gave the damage to Tonchinkan and Marion in Episode 26.


  • 'Dolphin: Per hour 400 km of small super machine that ride the machine man. From machine Dolphin taxiing form, I can be transformed into a dolphin jet to fly at Mach 3.4. By machine space highway are electrical transmission to Ken Takase, Ken, to transform into a machine Man (Ikushido conversion) in Dolphin. The Golden Mons warfare, of skills per body Dolphin Full Power I was using. It should be noted that the machine man is facing always downward (road surface direction) in the Dolphin, it was described in your postcard corner to have can maneuver to see it because there is a monitor in front of the eye. Maki was named "Machine Man because riding a great machine" to see Nick clothed in this Dolphin and Warrior suit. for Nick also liked the name, thereafter I claiming to "(nebula Kamen) Machineman".


  • In the Philippine Dub of the series, he is renamed as Allen.

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