This article is about a/an villain in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Shittenou
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Dark Kingdom
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Hiroyuki Matsumoto

Nephrite is one of the Shittenou in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Nephrite was the second General to be called forth. He has a hot-headed temper & was desperate to please Queen Beryl, he was Jadeite's main rival for her attention. Unfortunately, while he tries very hard, he doesn't seem to be the sharpest of the Shitennou. Perhaps because of his inability to control himself, Nephrite became the Dark Kingdom's scape goat, acting as Beryl's whipping boy & favorite target of Kunzite's ridicule. Nephrite's orders were to find the Ginzuishou while Jadeite collected human energy. Without any reliable information, however, Nephrite continually chased after two fake crystals & the decoy Princess. After repeated failures & attacking Dark Mercury after she mocked him, Queen Beryl declared Nephrite useless & banished him from her sight. She said off-handedly that he should do something to prove his continued existence would be worthwhile. Despite Beryl's continual dismissal of him, Nephrite's loyalty never wavered. Dark Mercury discovered Nephrite depressed & lonely in a corner of the Kingdom, she told him it bothered her to see anyone in his emotional state. She also fixed his cape that Kunzite torn, a gesture he would later repay when he shielded her from Kunzite's sword after she became good again.

Beryl would later welcome Nephrite back into her group when the memories of the Shitennou began to reemerge. In an effort to lure Mamoru to the Dark Kingdom, Beryl used the Shitennou against him. She took control of Nephrite's body & forced Nephrite to commit suicide by impaling himself with his sword. Somehow, Nephrite quickly reappeared in Tokyo as a normal human with all his memories of the Dark Kingdom & Beryl intact. He ended up working with Motoki at the Crown Karaoke center, though he is clumsy, constantly looses his temper & is resentful to existence at large. He spent a good deal of his time taking out his frustration on both Motoki & the various equipment at Crown. Nephrite no longer found himself so desperate to return to the Dark Kingdom & Beryl. Nephrite also forges a tenuous friendship with Ami Mizuno, feeling the need to return the favor. Even though Ami didn't remember their moments together, she made efforts to be kind to him, empathizing with his own loneliness. When Princess Serenity destroyed the Earth at the series finale, Nephrite was seen disappearing along with the others. When Serenity & Endymion revived the Earth again, Nephrite was not seen alive on the Earth. Instead, he & the other Shitennou appeared before Mamoru, professing his loyalty to him & promising that they will appear when they are needed. He does so in the Special Act, when the Shitennou assisted in the battle against the Pierrot monsters, later attending his master & Usagi's wedding. In Act Zero, he was a police officer called Akai.


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