This article is about a/an ally in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Motoki Furuhata
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Employee
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Ami Become a Friend
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Actor: Masaya Kikawada

Motoki Furuhata is an ally in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Motoki first appears in Act 2, but his name is not revealed until Act 7. Motoki is an employee at Crown Karaoke Center, a karaoke parlor, & he spends much of his time doting over his pet turtle, Kamekichi. At one point, Usagi thought that Motoki might be Tuxedo Kamen, & invited him on a triple-date with Usagi, Rei, Makoto, & his two friends from college, one of which is Mamoru. Apparently Mamoru occasionally helps out at Crown when Motoki needs a favor. He & Usagi become separated in a maze, but he suffers from a claustrophobic faint & is rescued by Makoto. Later, when Kamekichi went missing, Motoki ended up meeting Shin, who later turned out to be Kunzite. After Makoto gives him a scarf that she had knitted for a school project, there is a recurring flirtatious relationship between the two. While Makoto's stand-offish nature held him off for awhile, his persistence eventually began to pay off. They go out on a date, but Makoto pushes him away from her, stating that she must always be alone because it is her destiny. He saved a missing child. To his surprise, Makoto had no choice but to transform into Sailor Jupiter in front of him safter being attacked by a youma. Their connection grows stronger from this, & he buys her a small turtle, a good luck charm to protect her while she's fighting. Despite getting off to a very rocky & violent start, Motoki somehow ended up hired Nephrite, when he became human, to work with him at Crown. He was badgered "Nephikichi-kun" with a series of nicknames which only further infuriated Nephrite. It was also Motoki who began to notice Nephrite's strange behavior around Ami, & loaned him some money to get Ami a thank you gift. During the special act, Makoto owns a floral shop & Motoki is shown helping her out. The two seem to be dating, & at the end, Motoki catches the bouquet at Usagi & Mamoru's wedding & proposes to Makoto & she accepts.


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