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Mio Kuroki
Mio Kuroki
Gender: Female
Villain Type: Shadow Form (First)
Queen (Current)
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Dark Kingdom
First Appearance: So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...
Last Appearance: We're Getting Married!!
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Actor: Alisa Yuriko Durbrow
Queen Mio
Queen Mio

Mio Kuroki, later known as Queen Mio, is a villain in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Mio Kuroki, Minako's J-pop idol rival, transfers to Usagi's class at Juuban Middle School in Act 29. Her signature song is "Change of Pace" & very skilled at volleyball, like Minako. She is a creepy & manipulative girl who pretends to be Usagi's friend while doing all in her power to cause her sadness. Because of her forgiving nature, however, Usagi tried desperately to see the good in Mio, especially after Mio manipulates her into saying they are friends. Mio soon becomes very envious of Usagi's closeness to Mamoru & fakes fainting in front of his motorcycle in order to kidnap him & take him to Queen Beryl. There, Mio taunts Mamoru, telling him that Beryl will kill him if he does not join the Dark Kingdom & become Beryl's lover. Mio is revealed to be a 'shadow' clone created from a part of Queen Beryl herself, created by both Beryl & Jadeite sometime between Act 25 & 28.

Her objectives, other than making Usagi miserable, was to be Beryl's eyes & ears in the human world & to give Mamoru to Queen Beryl. After kidnapping Mamoru, her main role is to keep an eye on him for Beryl. She demonstrated some slight mind control powers, & teleportation, of both herself & others. Mio shared many of Beryl's beliefs & feelings, but Mio did demonstrate to have some free will of her own, such as bringing Rei as outside 'encouragement' to Mamoru's bedroom in the Dark Kingdom, when he was cursed. She claimed to do this because she was bored. She also harmed people who saw through her, such as Naru, & constantly tried to upstage Minako whenever she could, with mixed results. Toward the end of the series, her treatment of Mamoru inadvertently came back to haunt her when Prince Endymion was possessed by Queen Metalia, who seemingly killed her.

It turned out that the attack did not completely destroy her, though it took her four years to completely recover after Queen Beryl had been dead for some time. She returned as the main villain of the Special Act as Queen Mio, she emerged from the same building Dark Mercury made her first appearance. The blast of her arrival injured Rei. Mio turned an abandoned carnival building into her castle. She had the Shittenou kidnap Mamoru & Usagi. She wanted to marry Mamoru, so they can rule the new Dark Kingdom as King & Queen. She can repair objects, cause them to appear out of thin air, & create monsters from flames. She can also summon legions of Perriots, clowns to serve her, & gather energy & Pierrots disguised as the Shitennou. Mio is also able to brainwash others. At one point she interrupts a television broadcast to announce that she is taking over. Not only with being attacked by the real Shitennou, she realized Mamoru would always love Usagi even if he was brainwashed & transformed into a giant green plant monster. She quickly fended off the Shitennou. Ultimately, she was destroyed by the Senshi's Sailor Planet attack. Afterwards, ther plush dog Choppi was left behind on the spot without reverting back to its torn state, even though Mio's other magic was all reverted.


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