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Sailor Venus
Sailor V
Minako Aino
Gender: Female
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Color: Orange
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Act 1: I Am Sailor Moon
Last Full Appearance: Act ZERO: The Birth of Sailor V
Number of Episode Appearances: 49 (episodes), 2 (specials)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Ayaka Komatsu
Sailor Venus
Sailor V
"Venus Prism Power! Make UP!"

Minako Aino is a pop idol who is revealed to be Sailor V. Now taking on the identity of Sailor Venus, she, together with the Sailor Scouts, battles the evil Queen Beryl.


Sailor Venus was the first senshi to be contacted. Artemis came to her on Christmas, and she began her adventures as Sailor V soon after. Sailor V made it her mission to stop Tuxedo Kamen's jewel heists, & he had several run-ins with her, much to his dismay. In fact, the first time they clashed, all her memories of her past life came back to her. Minako is an extremely popular Idol, with several hit singles out, lots of commercials and appearances. She makes a subtle reference to this double life in her music. She is aware of each of their civilian identities. Even Sailor V warns Sailor Moon not to get close to Tuxedo Kamen, she wraps her pink handkerchief on his wound. She did not reveal herself to be Sailor Venus until later, and even then she was acting as a decoy princess. She is deeply solemn and rarely smiles. However, she does seem to genuinely love singing, and shows a small mischievous side, especially in her relationship with Artemis.

Minako had the best memories of the past life, and as a result she desperately tried to keep Usagi away from Tuxedo Kamen & later Endymion. Zoisite gives Sailor Venus a music box in hopes of pretending the destruction of the world. If Usagi hears the music box, she will completely forget about the one she loves, but it will only work if used by someone she trusts. Minako almost was not going to use it but it fell open and hypnotize Usagi and started taking away her memories of Mamoru. When Zoisite mentioned Endymion, Usagi started to sleep walk away. Minako followed after her, ignoring Zoisite's demands to help Endymion, and opens the music box again. She apologizes to her princess, saying that it is for the sake of the planet. Usagi sung Minako's song "C'est la Vie", and Minako realizes that the Princess truly does love Endymion, & drops the music box, allowing it to shatter on the floor.

When the other Senshi learn that Minako and Sailor V are the same person, they decided to hide it from Usagi for some time, with concerns she wouldn't handle it well. Her rival in the idol scene was Kuroki Mio, who turned out to be Beryl's shadow. Minako becomes only slightly involved with the others, & frequently expresses disapproval of their effectiveness as Senshi. She is frustrated by their lack of focus, and distances herself both for that reason and as revealed later, because she has a terminal illness and doesn't want them to become close to her and then be saddened by her probable death. Unfortunately, balancing her career and her mission as a senshi became increasingly difficult as her illness progressed. Her refusal of treatment in order to continue the mission of the past life put her at odds with Rei and Artemis. Minako and Rei share a conflicted relationship. Rei is supposed to be the secondary leader and Minako's eyes, she is less skilled and this is lacking. Rei is resentful of her advice. Although they often disagree and compete, through time they develop great respect for each other. To the point where Minako finally confides to Rei about both her illness and that she feels there is nothing more important than her destiny as a Senshi.

The doctors give her six months to live. Besides the complications from her unnamed illness, her obsession with the collective past life makes her feel detached from the world, thinking of her current life as less important. Once her illness began to affect her ability to continue her mission, she decided to quit being an idol. A surgery is offered that might either correct Minako's condition, but unfortunately it had a chance it could kill her early. She refuses to undergo the procedure, preferring to last as long as she can without it. Her friends showed her that the current life mattered just as much of the past, and to take the chance. Artemis then arrives at Rei's temple to tell the girls that Minako has died. She seems to have been aware that she would die that day, as she leaves each of them a note at the Crown headquarters giving her goodbyes. Even though Minako passes away before the final battle, the power of the Ginzuishou wielded by Usagi gives her a second chance at life. In the Special Act, Minako is currently in London with Artemis, experiencing worldwide popularity. Minako returns to Japan to take care of the threat of Queen Mio. She attends Mamoru and Usagi's wedding.


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Sailor VenusEdit


Sailor Venus


  • Weapons
    • Sailor Star Tambourine
    • Love-Me Chain
    • Venus Dagger
  • Gear
    • Silver Bracelet/Jewelry Star Bracelet
    • Teletia S
    • Crown Passport


Sailor V

Sailor V was Minako's first identity as a Sailor soldier.


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See AlsoEdit

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