This article is about a/an show in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Number of episodes: 31
First episode: The Fiery Superman Strikes!
Original airing: May 7, 1979 - December 24,1979

Megaloman (メガロマン Megaroman?) is the name and titular superhero of a tokusatsu Science Fiction/superhero/kaiju TV series. Created by Tetsu Kariya, the show was produced by Toho Company Ltd., and aired on Fuji TV from May 7 to December 24, 1979, with a total of 31 half-hour episodes. Starting with Episode 14, the show's title became Flaming Superman Megaloman (炎の超人メガロマン - Honô no Chôjin Megaroman?).

Like Toho's Ryūsei Ningen Zone, the series mixes elements of the Kyodai Hero genre with those of the SentaiIcon-crosswiki Series (Battle Fever JIcon-crosswiki, the first "Super Sentai", had premiered on TV around the same time). This series features a superhero quintet similar to those seen in the Super Sentai Series, but just like in Zone Fighter, the team's leader/main character Takashi Shishidou transforms into a giant long-haired UltramanIcon-crosswiki-like colossus, Megaloman.


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Megaloman Takashi Shishido

Villains/Monsters Edit

  • Scab Army
  • Kamakidon
  • Goran
  • Zaninga
  • Dobura
  • Gamereon
  • Zubogu
  • Terumosu
  • Suchirunes
  • Doradoza
  • Jamado
  • Nun-chuk
  • Rezakkusu
  • Mirror Monocle
  • Boarein
  • Unigon
  • Paraboran 1
  • Paraboran 2
  • Kyanza
  • Arumunga
  • Zonbiron
  • Barigen
  • Suidoras
  • Bonbaron
  • Songa
  • Kajuron
  • Vacuum
  • Zatan
  • Zubaida
  • Jadonga
  • Buffalon
  • Terogiras
  • Despair
  • Dagger



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