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Demon Hunter Title
Majin Hunter Mitsurugi
Number 01
Number of episodes: 12
First episode: Crush the Scorpion Army Corps's Space Ninjas!
Original airing: January 8, 1973 - March 26, 1973
Demon Hunter Mitsurugi is a period drama/action tokusatsu from Kokusai Films.

It is unique among tokusatsu productions for being the earliest to experiment with stop motion animation and claymation rather than using the traditional suitmation technique. However, because these processes were more time-consuming from a shooting and production standpoint and it was on a small budget, the show was cancelled after only 12 episodes.


In the time of the Edo Period, an evil alien from parts unknown called Demon Scorpion plots to kill Tokugawa and ravage the land with the help of his Scorpion Ninja Army and his giant demon monsters. However, the shogunate summons his ninja bodyguards the Mitsurugi siblings, Ginga, Suisei and Gekko to combat this threat. When a giant demon appears and terrorizes the people, the three ninjas leap into the air and cross their swords to become the armored warrior Mitsurugi.


The Demon HuntersEdit

Ninja Ginga Ginga Mitsurugi
Ninja Suisei Suisei Mitsurugi
Ninja Gekko Gekko Mitsurugi
Mitsurugi siblings

From left to right: Gekko,Ginga & Suisei.

Scorpion Ninja Army:

Demon Scorpion

Scorpion Ninjas


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