Majin Daruga (魔神ダルガ?, 33-51) is Kaiser Hades' older brother. Learning of Hades' death, he spear heads the Earth destruction back up plan while having his Rejandar forces hold the Justirises off until he arrives to Earth. When on Earth, Daruga overpowers Shirogane in their first battle before taking his leave. Using Megarion, Daruga battles Shirogane before sucking out the Riser Power from Demon Knight's body to become Dark Demon Kurogane (暗黒魔神クロガネ Ankoku Mashin Kurogane?), the counterpart of Shirogane. But managing to escape and seeing conquering the planet impossible, Kurogane summons the Diglos to Earth to wipe it out from the universe. Surviving the Diglos being destroyed, Kurogane destroys the Shadestar as he intends to turn Earth into the foundation of a new empire. Losing to the Justirisers, Kurogane enlarges into a new form as he proceeds to level the city before being destroyed by giant Shirogane.

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