• Lucifer(ルシファー, 'Rushifā', 16-34): Takeda's ex-partner in the future, was also transported with him and Kageyama to the 20th century through the same time-space portal. At first, his only wish is to avenge his dead comrades, targeting Jupiter as his nemesis and challenging him to a death confront. He allies with Baron Kageyama believing Takeda was the traitor who murdered his companions. Eventually, it is revealed that Kageyama was the mole. From then, Lucifer decides to aid the Cybercops without joining the group, helping them in battle more often than not. Lucifer's bit, along with Jupiter's, is the most powerful of the Bit Suits, as it is more equipped and enhanced than the others. Armed with two high-power pistols called Impulse Magnum(インパルスマグナム, 'Inparusu Magunamu)', two machine-guns which come from his back to shoulders, the Pulsar Cannon(パルサーカノン, 'Parusā Kanon)'Gigamax(ギガマックス, 'Gigamakkusu)' and the Cyber Graviton(サイバーグラビトン, 'Saibā Gurabiton)', an energy absorber-releaser on his chest.

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