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This article is about a/an Hero in Legend Hero Samgugjeon.
Liu bei
Liu Bei
Gender: Male
Show: Legend Hero Samgugjeon
Color: Green
First Appearance: Episode 1: Birth! Legend Hero
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yirang
Guan yu
"Happily for all, that's my real dream! (모두를 행복하게, 그게 내 진짜 꿈이야!)"
―Liu Bei[src]
"People think doelsudo a good person, depending on the situation, it doelsudo siram bad, but eventually chose a good man. (사람은 상황에 따라 착한 사람이 될수도, 나쁜 시람이 될수도 있어. 하지만 결국 착한 사람을 택한다고 생각해.)"
―Liu Bei[src]

Character HistoryEdit

A novice practioner of the "Flying Dragon Fist " of Do-Won-Gwan Martial Art School. He is in charge of cooking and other chores at the school. He likes meat and sharing it to his comrades. He has always a hobby copying an iconic martial artist, Bruce Lee, when he found someone like the real combat martial art. He was forbidden to continue practicing by Master He Jin, who bullied him for his weak attacks. After that she later met Xu Shu, an angel who grants a wishes that give help to her then gave him the Hero Changer and the Guan Yu Hero Piece after she learned he was a Legend hero.


Liu Bei is a weak-willed person when it becomes to his body and mind. But if his dream is concern, his hero energy goes up to its limits.


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