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Legend Hero Samgugjeon
Number N/A
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Birth! Legend Hero
Original airing: March 2, 2016
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Legend Hero Samgugjeon (레전드히어로 삼국전 Lejeondeu Hieolo Samgugjeon, lit. Legends Heroes the Three Kingdoms), is a Korean tokusatsu television series. Produced by MoonWatcher and Synergy Media. The Series is broadcasted in EBS1.


"Who has a great dream, I will fulfill your wish with the power of rainbow!" Traditional Martial Arts School in Taoyuan in charge of the kitchen analogy of the tube. I love martial arts so much out there, but nature plays a kinder odd days ... One day, being beaten by Yu eoltteolgyeol to stand Fresh dream is to participate in the battle. Giving one example of the rainbow any wish. Dream Battle and only the winner of the last occupied the rainbow! For each one dreams of a hero seeking a rainbow analogies it has been constantly threatened, Cao Cao and Sun Ce with the ultimate power to emerge ... Dream of many heroes in the fight indulge into fierce battle is open!



Legend Hero Guan Yu Liu Bei
Legend Hero Zhang Fei Mi Zhu Liu Bei
Legend Hero Zhao Yun Gongsun Zan Liu Bei
Legend Hero Huang Zhong Liu Qi Liu Bei
Legend Hero Ma Chao Liu Zhang Liu Bei
Legend Hero Imperial Liu Bei
Legend Hero Xiahou Dun~ Taeoh/Cao Cao
Legend Hero Xiahou Yuan~
Legend Hero Kaiser
Legend Hero Taishi Ci Sun Ce Sun Quan
Legend Hero Gan Ning
Legend Hero Huang Gai

Other HeroEdit

Legend Hero Wang Kuang He Jin
Legend Hero Hua Tuo Lu Zhi
Legend Hero Yang Feng Li Jue
Legend Hero Fan Chou Guo Si
Legend Hero Hua Xiong Dong Zhuo
Legend Hero Lu Bu Wang Yun Dong Zhuo
Black Monarch Lu Bu Lu Bu
Legend Hero Zhang Kai Tao Qian
Legend Hero Yu Ji Zhang Lu
Legend Hero Yan Liang Yuan Shao/Rina
Legend Hero Wen Chou Yuan Shao/Rina
Legend Hero Pan Feng Han Fu
Legend Hero Ji Ling Yuan Shu
Legend Hero Wang Lang Yan Baihu
Black Monarch Xu Chu Xu Chu
Black Monarch Xu Huang Xu Huang
Black Monarch Zhang Liao Sun Shangxiang
Overlord Sima Yan Taeoh/Cao Cao




  1. Episode 1: Birth! Legend Hero (탄생! 레전드 히어로 Tansaeng! Lejeondeu Hieolo)
  2. Episode 2: Mars Together! Liu Bei and Guan Yu ( 군신일체! 유비와 관우 gunsin-ilche! yubiwa gwan-u)
  3. Episode 3: Invincible equipment packages ( 천하무적 장비패 cheonhamujeog jangbipae)
  4. Episode 4: Dream of armed Oath of the Peach Garden (무장의 꿈, 도원결의 mujang-ui kkum, dowongyeol-ui)
  5. Episode 5: The True Heir (진정한 후계자 jinjeonghan hugyeja)
  6. Episode 6: Find Your Real Dreams (진짜 꿈을 찾아라 jinjja kkum-eul chaj-ala)
  7. Episode 7: The Rocker's Soul Yisimjeonsim (이심전심 영혼의 로커들 isimjeonsim yeonghon-ui lokeodeul)
  8. Episode 8: Trance Music Battle (무아지경 음악배틀 muajigyeong eum-agbaeteul)
  9. Episode 9: Winnie The Family Ambition (곰돌이 패밀리의 야심 gomdol-i paemilliui yasim)
  10. Episode 10: Ultimate Hero, Follicular (최강의 히어로, 여포 choegang-ui hieolo, yeopo)
  11. Episode 11: The counterattacks of Winnie the family (곰돌이 패밀리의 역습 gomdol-i paemilliui yeogseub)
  12. Episode 12: Birth! Red Light Hero (탄생! 붉은 빛의 히어로 tansaeng! bulg-eun bich-ui hieolo)
  13. Episode 13: Dream Battle of Hope (희망의 드림 배틀 huimang-ui deulim baeteul)
  14. Episode 14: The Choice of Bat (박쥐의 선택 bagjwiui seontaeg)
  15. Episode 15: Feather Hypnotist, Elders (Top) (깃털의 최면술사, 장로(상) gisteol-ui choemyeonsulsa, janglo(sang))
  16. Episode 16: Feather Hypnotist, Elders (And) (깃털의 최면술사, 장로(하) gisteol-ui choemyeonsulsa, janglo(ha))
  17. Episode 17: Koto Tiger, Sun Ce (강동의 호랑이, 손책 gangdong-ui holang-i, sonchaeg)
  18. Episode 18: Fighting Forearm! Taoyuan Tube For Tube Gangdong (용호상박! 도원관 대 강동관 yonghosangbag! dowongwan dae gangdong-gwan)
  19. Episode 19: Hurly-Burly Bodyguard (보디가드 대소동 bodigadeu daesodong)
  20. Episode 20: Infinite Sprint, Butterfly Dream (무한질주, 나비의 꿈 muhanjilju, nabiui kkum)
  21. Episode 21: Rainbow Events (레인보우 이벤트 leinbou ibenteu)
  22. Episode 22: We Need Fresh (신선이 필요해 sinseon-i pil-yohae)
  23. Episode 23 (명탐정 유비)
  24. Episode 24 (폭죽은 추억을 타고)
  25. Episode 25 (복수의 화신, 동탁)
  26. Episode 26 (삼고초려, 제갈량을 얻어라)
  27. Episode 27 (꿈에 그리던 형)
  28. Episode 28 (천하무쌍 제갈량)
  29. Episode 29 (강동의 스파이)
  30. Episode 30 (돌아온 나비)
  31. Episode 31 (나비, 날아오르다)
  32. Episode 32 (소원을 들어드립니다)
  33. Episode 33 (분출! 스컹크의 사랑)
  34. Episode 34 (비룡권의 위기)
  35. Episode 35 (옥새 강림! 최후의 승자)
  36. Episode 36 (판타스틱 드림 배틀)
  37. Episode 37 (천하무적 꼬마 군주(상))
  38. Episode 38 (천하무적 꼬마 군주(하))
  39. Episode 39 (종결! 드림 배틀)
  40. Episode 40 (멈출 수 없는 군신의 정)
  41. Episode 41 (최강의 흑군주)
  42. Episode 42 (황금패의 주인)
  43. Episode 43 (조조의 선택)
  44. Episode 44 (역습! 새로운 흑군주)
  45. Episode 45 (포효하라, 강동의 호랑이)
  46. Episode 46 (예측불허, 강동의 호랑이)
  47. Episode 47 (적벽대전)
  48. Episode 48 (대군주 강림)
  49. Episode 49 (출사표)
  50. Episode 50 (결전! 레전드히어로)

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