This article is about a/an villain in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Shittenou
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Dark Kingdom
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Akira Kubodera

Kunzite is one of the Shittenou in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


The final Shitennou to awaken, Kunzite was first introduced as a kindly human named Shin. Usagi & Mamoru met him after he recovered Motoki's missing pet turtle, Kamekichi. He confesses to them that he has amnesia & doesn't know anything about his own identity, which reminds her of Tuxedo Mask & Mamoru indefinites with this of course. Usagi tried to help him remember by finding him a gift that will remind him of the things he loves, like from the beach. Shin lived alone in a very run-down looking house, with no memories & a fear of going outside. However, with Jadeite & Zoisite temporarily indisposed, Beryl decides to transform Shin back into his old self, the most conniving & vicious of the Shitennou. He was very independent & held very little loyalty towards Queen Beryl, frequently showed his disregard for her orders & herself. Kunzite places himself in charge of reviving Metalia, intent on having its power for himself. One of his main sources of amusement was humiliating Nephrite. He was the most successful at defeating the Senshi in battle. His first move was to try & turn Sailor Moon into a youma & when that failed, he turned his attentions to Sailor Mercury.

His efforts weren't in vain this time, & after exposing Ami to the power of Metalia to become Dark Mercury, he seemed quite fond of his new pet & held a tight watch over her. She seemed to have developed her own disregard for authority, perhaps because she was directly given power from Metalia. When she returned to normal, he tried killing her but was thwarted by Nephrite. Kunzite was also the first to realize that Sailor Venus was not truly the Princess, & because of Zoisite's attempts to bring back his memories, Kunzite remembered Endymion. As a result, Kunzite felt extreme contempt towards the prince & wanted revenge on him for throwing away the planet over some girl. He believes, betrayed them in ages past, & left them for dead. Nevertheless, he continues to serve Queen Beryl, sending out youma & assisting the other Shitennou, Jadeite in particular. The chance eventually presents itself when Mamoru comes to the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite greets him with the tip of his sword, the rest of the Shitennou trying to figure out who to side with. Jadeite, under orders from Queen Beryl, attempts to kill Endymion, but at the last moment Kunzite throws himself between the two men & takes the hit. He collapses in Endymion's arms & professes his loyalty to his former Master again before finally dying. He assisted in reviving Endymion when Usagi revived the world with the Ginzuishou. Years later in the Special Act, with the return of Mio the Shitennou fought at Endymion's side, later attending the wedding of Mamoru & Usagi. In Act Zero, he was a police officer along with the other three Shitennou.


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