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King of Warrior EX Poster
King of Warrior EX
Number 1
Number of episodes: 52
First episode:
Original airing: 2007

King of Warrior EX (战斗王EX) is a Chinese tokusatsu drama series.


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The Storm Xu Feng (风之战士 - 徐风) - Played by Tian Li (田礼)
The Rain Qiu Yu (雨之战士 - 邱雨) - Played by Wu Jiaojiao (吴浇浇)
The Thunder Dong Lei (雷之战士 - 董雷) - Played by Wang Yi (王屹)
The Lightning Yi Diantong (电之战士 - 伊电瞳) - Played by Sun Xiaoshuang (孙晓爽)
The Fire Geng Yan (火之战士 - 耿炎) - Played by Yang Quanjing (杨全静)


  • Elder Monet (莫能长老)


  • Elder Secluded-Dragon (幽龙长老)
  • The 7 Demon Walkers (魔行者)
    • Valley (魔谷)
    • Region (魔域)
    • Boy (魔童)
    • Spirit (魔灵)
    • Sword (魔剑)
    • Soul (魔魂)
    • Heart (魔心)

Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • As stated with the slogan, this is the first live-action "Spinning Top" series; a trope normally associated with anime.
  • The success of this drama in China urged the birth of Armor Hero.
  • "EX" is the abbreviation of "Extreme".
  • King of Warrior can be watched on Alpha Animation's Infinity Nado channel.

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