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King of Warrior EX Poster
King of Warrior EX
Number 1
Number of episodes: 52
First episode:
Original airing: 2007

King of Warrior EX (战斗王EX) is a Chinese tokusatsu drama series.


The main character's parents are researchers at a university. One day, they opened a gate to a different dimension. Xu Feng, the male protagonist, and his friend Qiu Yu starts to uncover the secrets of Xu's parent's research, leading them to discovery of other lifeforms from the other dimension. Xu Feng gains other members to his team whom all have talismans of different attributes. They must battle against the villain Elder Dragon and his 7 seven dark warriors with spinning tops.



The Storm Xu Feng (风之战士 - 徐风) - Played by Tian Li (田礼)
The Rain Qiu Yu (雨之战士 - 邱雨) - Played by Wu Jiaojiao (吴浇浇)
The Thunder Dong Lei (雷之战士 - 董雷) - Played by Wang Yi (王屹)
The Lightning Yi Diantong (电之战士 - 伊电瞳) - Played by Sun Xiaoshuang (孙晓爽)
The Fire Geng Yan (火之战士 - 耿炎) - Played by Yang Quanjing (杨全静)


  • Elder Monet (莫能长老)


  • Elder Secluded-Dragon (幽龙长老)
  • The 7 Demon Walkers (魔行者)
    • Valley (魔谷)
    • Region (魔域)
    • Boy (魔童)
    • Spirit (魔灵)
    • Sword (魔剑)
    • Soul (魔魂)
    • Heart (魔心)

Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • As stated with the slogan, this is the first live-action "Spinning Top" series; a trope normally associated with anime.
  • The success of this drama in China urged the birth of Armor Hero.
  • "EX" is the abbreviation of "Extreme".
  • King of Warrior can be watched on Alpha Animation's Infinity Nado channel.