"Byclosser Ken"
―Byclosser Ken's roll call[src]

Serpent seat brother warrior chosen by the guardian deity of the Pegasus III Galactic cluster. Mizuno brothers through the wardrobe of his room leading to a different dimension [5] , it is transformed by mounting the strengthening clothing "cross-suit".

Byclosser KenEdit


The body is red.

  • Cross Blade: Sharp sword. I usually are contained in a cross-holder (waist holster), but the blade is extended in a moment at the time of use.
  • Buster Cross: Dedicated ray gun, which is on the cross holder.
  • Ken Frisbee: Are housed five to cross holder in the yellow coin-shaped bomb. It is also possible to manipulate the trajectory.
  • Ken Crusher: Gun metallic color of the disk-shaped small bomb. That contains the logo of "BOMB!". Clear distinction and Ken frisbee has not been made.
  • Dimension Eye: Both eyes light, normally I would like such as are visible object invisible.
  • Dimension-Searcher: Stretched the head left side of the antenna, to detect such as Hidden enemy and special radio waves.


  • Carrier Starcore: Located in a different dimension, the mother ship of bike Rossa over. possible boarding by Mizuno brother is transformed into a bike Rossa over. I have housed the Ken loader and Ginkuron.
  • Ken Loader: Ken is boarding, flying car . Flight speed is Mach 5. I have housed the Ginkuron in the rear. Equipped with two Gate beam gun to "Kenbimu" in both wings.

Coalescence TechniqueEdit

  • Breakfast Laser Cannon: Deadly Attack bike Rossa over. Place the Ginkuron riding the silver Ken shoulder, "parts laser cannon, ready to fire!" Ginn geared Ken is the enemy with the utterance of, and "OK!" And shouting, "shooting!" With two people screaming to fire the wave rays of deadly from the headlights of Ginkuron in. Solar energy. Can not fire because it takes time to fill the energy, in the last episode was caught off the weakness in Gorazonga. Initial and (wide orange lightning bolt-shaped in) (Blue with sharp straight line) late in but the shape of the beam different, both colors are used interchangeably in the final story.

Shooting parts laser canon is to fix the Ginkuron by a thick iron bar, taken to devise a camera position as this horizontal bar is not displayed. Also, the scene outdoors to be inserted into Episode 7 since, taken by hanging in the crane.

  • Cross Attack: Two people pair the arm, the enemy of the throat lariat give someone a.
  • Cross Hurricane: Ken is up tossed the Gin, I cause a tornado Gin is to air rotation.
  • Cross Bomber: Gin is jump in the springboard Ken's right shoulder, give someone a punch to the enemy.
  • Cross Power: Silver Ken cross blade is irradiated with a sling flasher is filled with energy, has a cross blade by two people, I kill the hit coming enemy. I broke the golden magic sword cut Chu night in the first 15 episodes.

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