This article is about a/an Episode in Satria Garuda BIMA X.
Kembalinya Para Satria Garuda
Satria Garuda BIMA X, Episode 01
Air date September 7, 2014
Written by Junko Komura
Directed by Teruyoshi Ishii, Arnandha Wyanto
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Satria Garuda Bima-X The Beginning
Cepat! Selamatkan Bumi dari Bencana Letusan

Kembalinya Para Satria Garuda (Return of The Garuda Knight) is the first episode of Satria Garuda Bima-X.


Bachyura Monster Crab, given the strength of the Power Stone Synthetic of Death Phantoms to make the earth to warm weather is exceptional, so that there is chaos everywhere.

BIMA X and Azazel cooperate in eradicating the crab monster. Although at first Satria Garuda overwhelmed but eventually they managed to beat Bachyura.


Death Phantoms and Gladion forces again attacked Bima Black Lord led Draconer. Ray and Reza immediate action and repulsed the attacks of their troops. Draconer finally returned to battleships Death Phantoms where Rexor decided to launch a special mission to ravage the Earth with strange powers Bachyura crab monsters. On Earth, Bachyura began his mission by manipulating the air and water temperature at the Earth's surface becomes uncontrollable heat, and create earthquakes everywhere. Ray and Reza soon find Draconer and Bachyura, Bima-X and Azazel Gladion fought with troops, and the Bima-X finally defeated Bachyura with Flaming Slash stance. The earthquake was stopped and the air and water temperature became normal again, but on a warship Death Phantoms, revealed that Rexor was still able to create earthquakes.





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