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Chojin Bibyun - Hero 1 Civilian
Kei Tsukimura
Gender: Male
Show: Choujin Bibyun
Color: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 36
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Actor: Shigeru Araki
Chojin Bibyun - Hero 1 Superhero

Kei Tsukimura is Bibyun and leader of the Choujins.

Character HistoryEdit

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Bibyun Choujin




  • Fireball Attack: It is allowed to cross the two Sky sword in the sky to the jumped, deathblow to assault the enemy from the air to become a fireball.
  • Sky Sword Radar: I picked up the ambient sound in the sky sword that was pierces to the ground, to find the whereabouts of the other party in such footsteps.
  • Sky Sword invisible ink: Used in the second episode. The water in the heat emanating from the Sky Sword is a sea of ​​fire, and out Broiled enemies lurking in the water.
  • Sky Sword Fire: It pierces the ground Sky sword, to run the flame to distant enemy.
  • Sky Sword flame attack: It shoots a flame from the point of a sword.
  • Sky Sword charcoal kettle: Used in Episode 5. It is allowed to embody the kettle painted on the ground in the sky sword, and burn the enemy that was to firewood to put the kettle.
  • Sky Sword Buddha statue making: Used in Episode 5. To the Buddha statue and tearing their opponents with a Sky sword.
  • Sky Sword Bibyun block: To draw a rectangle on the ground in the sky sword, mirror to create a. Is reflected rays enemies produce mirrors to damage the opposite.
  • Sky Sword Karatakewari
  • Sky Sword flash: It shoots an intense flash of light from the sky sword.
  • Sky Sword hot wire thorn: Two of the Sky Sword is allowed to cross shoot heat rays are.
  • Sword sky sword horizontal
  • Sky Sword skewered
  • Sky Sword-back: Used in the first 20 episodes. And wields Sky sword inverts the object threw the opponent hit the reversed. It was bouncing the "Amanojaki murder stick" threw of Amanojaki.
  • Sky Sword hell Gaeshi: Used in Episode 22. And wields Sky sword, it was push back the flame of the "specter Gama of oil hell" of Gamaganma.
  • Sky Sword ray Gaeshi: Two Sky sword be to cross to repel the rays of the other technique.
  • Sky Sword pillar of fire-back
  • Sky Sword Asahi ray
  • It is transferred Sky Sword soul: It moves the human soul that was robbed by the specter to Sky sword.
  • Sky Sword soul purse: The soul that were transferred in the "Sky Transfer sword soul" was returned to the original human.
  • Sky Sword loophole making
  • Sky Sword sticky break: Used in Episode 27. Give the Sky sword in slime, and evaporated in heat generated.
  • Dropped Sky Sword angle: Used in Episode 28. Tricks to cut off the corner is the source of Yamaoni forces.
  • Sky Sword sleep paralysis
  • Sky Sword Swallow Flight Reversal


  • Ultra God tower
  • Bibyun storm
  • Ultra God three-way firm
  • Super God big wheel
  • Lightning attack
  • Three super-God tornado attack
  • Ultra God attack


  • Beni Shark
  • Bibyun Car


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