This article is about a/an song in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Kaze no Uwasa
Majin Hunter Mitsurugi
Song Type: ending
Performed by: Tsutomu Mizukami, Columbia Yurikago-Kai
Lyrics by: Yuuji Ameniya
Composed by: Tsutomu Mizukami
Rights currently with: Nippon Columbia
Year produced: 1973
Production Order

Kaze no Uwasa is an ending theme (ED) for Majin Hunter Mitsurugi. It was performed by Tsutomu Mizukami, Columbia Yurikago-Kai.

  • Lyricist = Amemiya Yuuji 
  • Composer = Mizukami Tsutomu 
  • Arranger = Aoki Nozomi 
  • Singer = Mizukami Tsutomu, Columbia Yurikago-Kai

Romanized LyricsEdit

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Kaze no uwasa ga nagareru mitai ni
Koko made kita no sa koko made kita no sa
Minna no kokoro ga hitotsu ni mukatte
Makkura yami wo tsuppashire
Kumo wo okoshite ame wo yobe
Inochi wo kakete buchiatare
Wakai sakebi yo ten made todoke
Hayaku hayaku hayaku yaa

Itsu ka doko ka de Mattete kureru to
Shinjite iru no sa shinjite iru no sa
Nogiku no kaori no chiisa na shiawase
Taiyou miagete mune no hare
Fubuki no naka wo tsukisusume
Chikara no kagiri moete yuke
Wakai chishio wo moetagirasero
Itsu mo itsu mo itsu mo yaa

Donna toki ni mo doko made itte mo
Sutetari shinai sa sutetari shinai sa
Ooki na nozomi to mittsu no chikai wo
Sakamaku nami mo osoreru na
Areno ni okose tsumujikaze
Taosareta-nara tachiagare
Wakai tamashii mi no tama to nare
Susume susume susume yaa

As the rumor of the wind went around it came here,
into everyone's collective mind
Runs fast in the pitch black of night,
Causing the clouds, calling the rain
Striking our lives, hitting at once
Reporting to the heavens the cries
of the young
Quick! Quick! Quick, Yeah!

Wait somewhere sometime
just believe and feel
Smell the wild chrysanthemum
bringing you happiness.
And your heart clears up because the sun is shining!
You can face a snowstorm
you can burn your path through it.
Young blood will burn.
Always always always, Yeah!

At any time, wherever you go
It's not worth it, throwing away your hopes.
There are the three!
Do not fear the raging wave!
You can face the whirlwind!
If it knocks you down, get on your feet again,
Young soul of fire!
Ahead! Ahead! Ahead, Yeah!

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