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Kankyou Chojin Ecogainder
Number 01
Number of episodes: 14
First episode: Kankyou Chojin Ecogainder Appears! Maintain a Suitable Temperature!
Original airing:
Kankyo Chojin Ecogainder II

Kankyou Chojin Ecogainder (環境超人エコガインダー) is a low-budget tokusatsu TV series that teaches children about environmentalism. Each episode is roughly 10 minutes in length with 14 overall.


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Ecogainder Ecogainder

An android from some unspecified point in the future where the Earth is dying from pollution. He was sent back in time to the early 21st century by Dr. Katagiri to try and prevent this future by educating people about how to save resources and stop the Eco-Crushers from accelerating Earth's destruction.

The Suzuki FamilyEdit

Kankyo Chojin Ecogainder Ep4- Family

The Suzuki Family from left to right: Ruyuusuke,Urara,Mr.Suzuki and Mrs.Suzuki

The Suzuki family act as the "everyman" to convey the episode's message to the audience. They are terrorized by the Eco-Crushers for contributing to environmental destruction unintentionally, thus Ecogainder has to save them and teach them the episodes lesson.

  • Mom: A typical Japanese housewife
  • Dad: The dimwitted but well meaning father
  • Ryuusuke: The eldest son
  • Urara: Ryuusuke's little sister, she gets the most character development as she later befriends Mudaana and Hakais because she wanted someone else to play cards with along with her brother. Later, she gets possessed by Queen Deathgaia in the episode before the finale only to be freed by Ecogainder's Ecology Beam which forced Queen Deathgaia out of her body.

The Eco-CrushersEdit


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  • Western tokusatsu fans often compare this series to Captain Planet as both have ecology themed superheroes as the protaganists and both shows feature moral lessons on how to keep our planet clean.

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