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Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー Kamen Tīchā?) is a franchise based on Japanese manga series Kamen Teacher written and illustrated by Toru Fujisawa.


Gouta Araki, a special instructor in the Kamen Teacher Program that gives problem schools a complete overhaul. When he dons a mask, Araki becomes "Kamen Teacher Hayato Jumonji", a hero for justice who brings light to troubled schools by putting down delinquents.[1]


  • Kamen Teacher - 2007 manga
  • Kamen Teacher BLACK - 2013 manga
  • Kamen Teacher - 2013 TV series
  • Friday Road SHOW! Special Drama Project: Kamen Teacher - 2014 TV special
  • Gekijoban: Kamen Teacher - 2014 film
  • Kamen Teacher SILVER MASK - 2015 musical show


3 Kamen Teachers
Kamen Teacher Silver Gouta Araki/Hayato Jumonji
Kamen Teacher Black Keigo Kusanagi/Hayato Jumonji Jr.
Kamen Teacher Gold ?


  • Despite the original manga including lots of tribute to the Kamen Rider and Metal Hero Series, the live-action adaptions are usually not considered as a tokusatsu by the mainstream media. This might because the agency of the main heroes' actors, Johnny & Associates, do not allow their artists appeared in tokusatsu series.
    • The only exception is Hiroshi Nagano from V6, who portrayed Daigo Madoka in the 1996 Ultraman Series, Ultraman Tiga.


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