This article is about a/an villain in the TV series, Cutie Honey: The Live.
Hiromi Tanaka
Gender: Female
Villain Type: Boss of Panther Claw
Show: Cutie Honey: The Live
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: [[]]
Last Appearance: [[]]
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Actor: Eri Fuse

Hiromi Tanaka (田中 弘美 Tanaka Hiromi) is a mild-mannered housewife who runs a fish shop in a quiet shopping district. She is secretly one of the four bosses of Panther Claw.

Character HistoryEdit

Hiromi was perhaps the most successful of the four Panther Claw leaders in obtaining the Honey System had she not lost control of Yuki. When Honey destroys the backup limiter, Hiromi assumes that Yuki was broken, but later suffered the same fate as Yuji as the liberated Yuki once again used "Honey Flash" and penetrated her with the chakram. In death, Hiromi asks her husband and son to "take care of the rest" before dissolving into molecules, leaving behind a starfish and various fishes.


Hiromi's outer appearance is that of an unassuming fish vendor. However, she has a pathological obsession with making money.

Modus and ArsenalEdit

She is secretly in control of the district where her shop is, and establishes ridiculous taxes, laws and fines in order to collect money. Her husband also helps in her schemes and is a proficient martial artist, although from time to time, his back tends to give out. The two are often seen driving a truck in their many attempts to capture Honey.

She uses various frozen sea creatures as her weapons, from exploding starfish she throws like shurikens to a large fish which she wields like a sword. Naturally, they lose their effectiveness once they have thawed. Hiromi's most powerful weapon is a rocket launcher installed within her stomach.



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Behind the ScenesEdit

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