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Hina Kusaka
Hina Kusaka
Gender: Female
Ally Type: Ex-Fiancee
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Moeko Matsushita

Hina Kusaka is an ally in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Hina's father is Mamoru's benefactor & pays for his education. Because of this, Mamoru & Hina have been together all their lives. Mamoru & Hina were engaged before Usagi became Sailor Moon, but Mamoru had been distant & distracted for awhile. Hina is concerned but not suspicious until she finds a woman's pink handkerchief within his drawer. Unfortunately at Crown Karaoke, Motoki accidentally mentions Mamoru not truly loving her, not realizing Hina was present. When Hina is attacked in the park afterwards, Mamoru comforts her, but runs after Usagi to help her in battle. Hina comes to a realization that they have grown close, when Mamoru leaves for London she decides not to go with him & breaks up with him. She is seen again in the prequel Act Zero & a four-minute short called "Hina Afterwards," avaliable in the Act Zero DVD. It shows her after she broke up with Mamoru, she is an actress on a show or film called "Tuxedo Knight." The hero, Tuxedo Knight, resembles Tuxedo Kamen & Mamoru; he is even played by Shibue Joji. Hina mentions how familar he is & she is falling for him, but maybe she is influenced by her character. The short makes one believe she is being attacked by a Youma & saved by Tuxedo Kamen. She is original to the Series.